There was a knock at my door. I sniffed. Alzena. I jumped up, and then realised there was someone else with her. Damien.

I opened the door. Damien's face was smug, and Alzena had her head down.

"Alzena has something to tell you sir." he grinned and touched Alzena's shoulder. She looked up. Her face was tear stained and she could hardly look at me.

"Um, Mr...Orlando," I looked at her startled. This was the first time she had ever called me Orlando. I didn't know whether this was good or bad, but from the look on Damien's triumphant face, bad was definately the safer option. "Orlando, I, we can't be together." Another tear rolled down her face and she tried to turn away but Damien was in her way.

"Alzena, what are you talking about?" She looked up, biting her lip.

"I can't be with you. It's not right."

"What has he told you?" I glared at Damien.

"Temper temper sir. We both know what you're like when you get angry."

 Alzena looked at me and I tried to compose my face. What had Damien told her? "Alzena..." i said, putting out my hand to take hers. She shied from my touch and pushed Damien so she could run down the corridor.

"Snow's a fallin" said Damien in his smart alec voice. i looked out of the window and saw that indeed, white flakes where falling to the floor. And the snow storm was getting bigger every second. 

"Damien," I said grabbing him and shoving him against the wall, "what have you told that innocent girl?"

"Just about a mutual friend of ours. Melody, remember her?"


"Melody. Oh don't tell me you've forgotten about the girl you said you loved and then killed when she got boring?"

"What?! You told her about that? It was an accident! I really like Alzena!"

 I slammed him against the wall again, his obnoxious smile swirling in my head. "Sir, if I where you I'd leave her alone in the future." I looked around at the weather. It was stormy, windy, snowing, hailing, all different terrifying weathers battered around the school. Not much time. i ran, leaving Damien in the corridor.

If she died because of him...

The End

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