I sat facing this boy who just told me he was my gaurdian I looked him shocked his reddy brown hair with white and black tips was in his eyes they were so different and he had eight tales. I leaned closer to him to see his eyes better.

"you know you have really nice eyes" he just stared at me and I at him, then blushed and moved away, he was really cute but I wasnt going to fall for him I told my-self. "Im guessing your a fire fox deman?" I asked curious.

"yes and what does it have to do with you" he snapped at me I jumped back a bit surprised. "Im sorry I didnt mean to upset you I just wanted to know Im a pure blood vampire and Im not going to make fun of you promise" I sat back tracking I didnt want to hurt more people.

the look of relife washed over him it started to get windy and I shivered and so did he. "Look lets go inside Im not doing well as a prefect am I" I said giggling and he smiled at me.

"sure lets go inside" he said and stood up helping me up and I blushed in return and we headed for the school building

The End

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