When Crystal led me to the lake, I was overjoyed. That beautiful stretch of cool, clear water literally screamed for me to enter it's breath-taking world. Somewhere out of the corner of my eye, I saw the boy with black wings fly in the air. I had never seen anything like it, but I couldn't pay attention as the water was calling my name. 

The feeling that ran through me as I touched the water was ecstatic. My body tingled, and I flipped my glittery tail in the air. It's blueish-purple scales shined in the sunlight. 

Fishes swam to me, and told me there stories. There was an old pike who sang me a song, and a beautiful golden fish that trusted me to see her beautiful children. 

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all. I surfaced after a while, to find a fairy sat at the edge. She chatted away to me, and I found out she could control water too. I was beginning to like this place better and better. 

She made an orb of water, and it circled my head. Then she turned it to ice and threw it at the boy with black wings - who was a fallen angel. He came over and he didn't seem very happy. 

They got in a fight, and Mr James came over. The way he looked at Alzena -the fairy- freaked me out. It was like it was her... jelouse boy friend. Surely I was just reading that wrong though. He was her teacher! 

""Alright you two, break it up, now! Everyone, this is now a free period. Alzena, Damien, my room, now!" Mr James said. He looked very angry

He didn't have to tell me twice, that it was a free period. I said bye to Alzena- who I really liked. I hope we could be friends. It would be nice to talk to someone who understood water like I did. 

I floated through the water, breathing in through the gills in my tail. I was in a world of bliss. After a few hours, I heard a massive splash. Looking round I saw a body splashing about. This was a thing we learnt in Ocean school, how to save a drowning body. 

I swam forward, moving my tail faster than the strongest currents. I was ready for this. But as I was about two metres a way I stopped. This wasn't an ordinary body. This was heating up the water particles, evaporating my [as I was already thinking of the lake as mine] domain. This was hot. 

Luckily for the fire creature, someone else jumped in, and dragged him out, leaving me feeling ashamed for not being able to help.

The End

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