First day of school and this just had to happen. I was walking down the winding corridors of the new school I had just transfered to when a big shadow blocked my path.
"Hey, your one of those Fire Fox Demons right?"

My whole body went tense as I smelt the oder of the person in front of me, I felt the illusion around my tail fall apart as my heart rate increased. The shadow chuckled at me, saying
"Well I guess that answers my question right, Trickster? Why don't you just go back to hauting abandoned houses, just like your Mum and Dad are doing right now. Infact their probulary being chased by angry town folk right now-"

I couldn't take it anymore, Were-wolf or not my pride caused me to look past my fear and punch the dog. We stood there like that for a while, before finally I heard a chilling growl coming from the were-wolf's throat. He began to morph, his whole body becoming more wolfish, my fear finally got the better of me and I fled. I heard the wolf chasing after me, snapping at my tail. I finally couldn't hold my form any more, cold terror caused me to shift back into my fox form and I ran as fast as I could. We were outside now and I risked a glance back and saw the wolf stop giving me a wicked grin, before I knew it I felt my paw's loose contact with the ground and fell into a swimming pool. Panicking I pulled back my human form but my clothes dragged me down. Water escaped into my mouth as I tried to claw my way up, but it was no good the blackness just spread further across my eye sight. In the end I gave up and just drifted to the bottom, my lungs bursting. Just before I fully lost a grip on reality I saw a black figure swimming towards me and thought that the were-wolf had come to finish me off. And then nothing.


My eyes opened slowly and as my vision cleared I saw a worried face looking down at me, dark blue hair clung damply to her head.

"Ugh... what happened?" I moaned as I tried to sit up, I was glad to see that at least I was in my human form. I peered at the girl and guessed she was about the same age as me.

"You kind of fell into the pool." The girl told me, "Oh yeah, I'm Midnight by the way"

"Mazany" I replied, as I tried to get my brain to sort out the jumbled thoughts in my head. "So your the one who saved my life right?" I asked.

The girl blushed, it was kind of cute, "Well I wouln't call it saving your life, I just pulled you out of the pool that's all. Anyway I wouldn't say you were dying or anything"

I snorted, "Oh trust me if I had been in that water any longer I would have been dog's meat"

I heard a growl behind me and jumped up as I noticed the were-wolf standing behind me. Midnight gave me a confused glance, but I couldn't move or speak I felt the cold sheen of fear run through me.

"Mazany, what's wrong? Hey are you ok?" She shook my shoulder but I couldn't reply.

"Don't bother Midnight, the guy won't answer. Don't you know, the little foxy-woxy is afraid of big old mean doggy." He said in a baby voice.

"Anyway he don't have to worry, I'm leaving anyway last day on campus and all that." The were-wolf waved a hand and turned away. Leaving me standing like a complete idiot.

I took a deep breath, trying to slow down my heart rate. "I'm sorry." I said looking down at my feet.

"Sorry? Why are you sorry? I should be the one apologizing, I should have known that"

I looked up at her, I couldn't meet her eyes so I looked towards the school.
"Um, well thanks for saving me and all that." I took a breath dreading what I was going have to do next. "And I guess I'm going have to become your Guardian and all that, since you saved me"

The End

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