I could feel Azlena following me just like I told her too, for once she listened to me and thins time maybe I could protect her not liked what happened to Melody.

I entered the abandend music room, nobody knew about here well they did but at has never been used I lit some candels as Azlena sat down in one of the chairs and I sat on the piano stool facing her.

"Ill tell you what happenedtrough seeing it from memory" she looked confused but I sat next to her and put my finger on her temples "now relax" she nodded and I let the memory flood between us.

Memory Damien at 13

Mr james walked into the classroom ushering a pretty littl girl who locked scared. "ok class this is Melody and she is a pixy" People giggled ad she sat next to me.

"My names Damien pleased to mee you Im a fallen angel" she nodded and loo at the front of the class room.

A coupe weeks later Damien walked into Mr james classroom to ask help on his homework andsaw him leaning of Melody kissing her and he ran out trying to push the memory away. There realtionship carried on for 6 months.

Until Mr james got bored of there realtionship and finnished her but she was so inlove with him it broke her heart she went into her self and spoke to no-one for a week Mr James kept her behind after one lesson so I stood outside and listened.

"Melody I told you to move we were meant to be Im sorry if I lead you on"he to her
"But sir you told me you loved me you said we would marry when we left here" she said crying.

"look I want you to go away from this school transfer somwhere else Ive done te paoer work for you just tell your parents you were bullied"

Her anger grew "I was just a game to you want I no Ill tell everyone of what a sick man you are" I heard something crash.

"No I will not let you wreck my carrier" I then heard a muffled scream Iran into the classroom and what Damien saw he knew would haunt him for te rest of his life. I table was smashed and Melodys body ley on the floor and blood flowing around making a pool, and Mr James Leaning over with a wood in his hand, when he saw me he fled the room.

Damien ran over to her and triend to stop the bleeding with his healing powers it was too late, he picked her dead body up in his arms and cradeled her in his arms sobbing.


I took my hands away from her and her cheeks were lined with tears and I could feel tear prickling my eyes.

"I couldnt save her but I want to save you before it happens I should of sved her but I couldnt the bleeding was too much. Mr James is evil and I dont want him to kill you like he did to Melody" I lookd pleadingly into her eyes.

The End

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