I couldn't bare to see him touching her. What had happened whilst time had been frozen?

"Alright you two, break it up, now! Everyone, this is now a free period. Alzena, Damien, my room, now!"

Damien stormed off, and Alzena followed him, staring at his back in fascination. My anger built up. I transformed in to a bird and flew down the corridors, turning back when I reached my room. The two of them walked in seconds later.

"I won't stand for fighting in my class you two."

"Yeah yeah," said Damien. "Look St. James, watch your mouth. I could get you fired in a second."

"Probably, but you wouldn't do that because I am one of the only two people who can help Midnight, so I want know back chat."

He grimaced, and I dared to look at Alzena. She was sopping wet and her clothes were sticking to her quite attractively...no stop, because now Damien is looking as well. That boy knew how to make me angry. Just one look at the girl I liked and I saw red.

"You two had better go and get dry. Just don't do it again."

A warm air rushed in and swarmed round Alzena and then Damien. They were both quite dry. "Thank you Alzena." She nodded, but looked more guarded. It had to be something Damien had said. "Right, I suppose I'd better let you go."

"Thank you sir." said Damien sarcastically, turning and catching Alzena's arm as he walked. She turned to follow him, but i called after her.

"Alzena, are you alright?"

She turned and smiled at me.

"Quite alright thank you Mr. St. James." She left, running after Damien, and I felt a blow to the stomach. Could I be losing her?

The End

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