I had to give it to her Azlena was very erm cheeky but I was worst and I was going to prove it froze time so no-one was going to see me walked up behind her picked her up and started it again and drpeed her in t the pool.

"Damien!" she shreiked as I landed ny the side of the pool "oops" I said I grinned and the now half drowned fairy and said in her mind "what you gonn do get your boyfriend to beat my up too bad bcause I would very much like to see him try" this made her anger worst. she rose up with the water swirling around her

"I can fight for my-self you know " she spat at me I rose up facing her and grinned while she glared "well I would love to see you try dont blame me when you get hurt" People were shouting us to calm down but we ingored them to engrossed on who would take the first move a stream of water came at me but because Im telepathic I had the upper hand I froze time just before it hit me and stood behin and placed my arms around here waist.

when I started time she gasped at my touch and I whispered into her ear "I always thought you were different  but I guess your just like the girl who fell for him last time, I just dont want to see you hurt like she was" I could her rage building up so I let go fo her and moved out of the way as Ice ball nearly fell on mt head.

"you know nothing about s its different you-" and stood in front of her so she could see my eyes to show I wasnt telling a lie "Please listen to me, I am not lying I do not hate you I hate Mr James because of what he did I was there I was there when it happened and he drove her to it, I just dont want to see it happen again" she nodded

"so what happened?" I looked around and saw people staring at us expecially Mr James and Cyrstal so I said in her " not now because people are staring maybe another time" she nodded I could tell she was intrested now.

"Oh and one more thing Dont tell him what I tell you because he will deny it" she looked slightly hurt so I hugged her she was shocked at first but then she hugged back "Please dont think I wnt to hurt you Im just worried ok?" with that I flyied back to the ground.

The End

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