Ok, so it was clear they wouldn't forgive me unless I ended it between Orlando and myself. That was not going to happen. Tyler and I stood laughing as others showed us their techniques. When I was showing off my telepathy, I felt Damien staring at me, but I didn't want to look around.

A new girl, a mermaid by the looks of her, came with Crystal and ran off to the pool. I watched her for a while, then watched Damien fly Crystal in to the air. As they landed I turned and went to the mermaid who was by the pool.

"Hey, I'm Alzena."

"Hey, Moesha" she muttered. I smiled and sat with her. The water swirled and she looked down at it shocked. "That's not me!"

"Guilty." I said. I stopped the water, then grinned. "You wanna see something cool?"

She nodded, and I lifted a ball of water out of the pool. She watched it float in front of us. I brought some wind from behind us, freezing the ball in to an ice ball. Then I mentally threw it. It shattered by Damien's foot, soaking his shoes and trousers.

"Oops," I said, loud enough for him to hear. Then I turned and smiled at the mermaid. "I can control air, water and I'm telepathic, what about you?"

"Um, I can control waater, but  not make it, talk to people through it and when I touch it I turn in to a mermaid."

"Cool. We'll be a formidable  water force."

"Excuse me, but would you mind explaining why the hell you just threw that ice at my foot?" I looked up at Damien, who was glaring at me.

"Bad aim. Sorry. I was aiming for that pig head of yours."

"My what?"

"Pig head. You know, greedy, no brains...this sinking in Damien?"

He raised his hand to slap me but a sudden gust of wind blew his wings out and he flew backwards, rolling in the air. Water drenched him. He glared, shivering at me.

"Alright you two, that's enough!" Orlando was trying to hide a grin as he said it. I smiled at him, and Tyler ran over.

"That was way too cool!"

"Thanks. Tyler, this is Moesha." He grinned at her, winking. She smiled tentatively back. And then I went flying in to the water. "Damien!" I yelled. He grinned, landing on the side of the pool.


My ice grey eyes began to shine as I stood up. "You really shouldn't have done that." The sky turned black, thunder growling, and then we were hit by a sharp slashing rain. I jumped at Damien, my powers helping me fly through the air.

The End

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