As we where I was sat in a tree watching Alzena move things with her mind, she was concertrating hard and yet she still looked.. NO dont think that she like him I looked over at him his smug expression as everyone in the class was having fun, exept me of course.

I spotted two people walking down to th field and the contrast made me chuckle. averge height girl ith a cherry bob hair and blue eyes Crystal of course. The there was a smaller girl Midnights hieght but with long white hair to her waist tanned and purple-blue eyes. She must be new so I looked onto her mind her names was Moesha and she was a memaid.

Poor girl she looked so scared must have been in a school in the ocean  so she wouldnt be familiar wih creatures like us. I might as well help her feel welcome. After her intruduction I swooped down next to her her and she jumped in surprise.
"Hey Moesha Im Damien its lovely to meet you Ive never met a mermaid berfore" e shook hands and she lookedup at me shocked. "Oh yh Im telepahic so I already knew wat you were well Im a fallen angel hencethe black wings" Isaid as I expanded them out she looked at them amazed and I could feel both Crystals and Alzena's eyes glarig at me and I chuckled in return.

"Pleased to meet you it was nice talkig to you" she said quietly andwaked away to the pool I guess she been dying to get back in the water. Crytal walke up behind me and I turned around she looked slightly hurt.

"You know your just a show at times arnt you showing off you wings like that you know you can hurt peoples feelings" she said looking down and crossing her arms. I hated seeing her like this, I put my arm wound her wait and pulled her close and wrapped my wings aroundus both.

"Dont be so silly Crystal if I hurt your feelings Im truly sorry, Im not good with the whole friendship and trusting thing you see how much I hurt Midnight and I dont mean it at all" I looked down at her peading for her to understand.

she stroke my cheek "I know Damien and for once I feel like I mt someone who understands me more han Midnight does and Im here t help you ok? besides Im a lot stronger than Midnight" she said as she grnned at me.

"oh you think your stringdo you" I said mockinh her "now lets test that theory" sh looked at me confusedand I lifted her up in a bridal carrying way. I opened my wings and lots of people turned to look at us "hold in tight now"

I shot in up into the sky and I could feel her grip on me tighting I chuckled out loud, peope were watching us from below I stopped going higher and whispered in her ear "do you still trust me" she nooded at me and stood her up well holding her waist so she didnt fall "how does it feel to be standing in thin air?" she giggled she was so adorable I cold kissed her right here but I didnt know how she would respond.

"strange but wonderful" she said looking into my eyes. I kept eyes contact with her as I fly tothe ground and everyone was cherring and clapping hands as we landed to the floor, butfor some reason I could someone glaring at me but I tried to ignore it.

The End

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