My skin was itching. I wasn't used to this air, and I longed to be in the water. I missed the feeling, of the tide slowly washing over me, drifting my hair to flow any way it wanted.

Here my beautiful hair was flat. I hated this dry land. I hated this school. And most of all I hated my parents for sending me here. I was perfectly happy in my Ocean school. Sure there were only mermaids and water spirits. And sure I didn't get to meet other supernatural creatures. But who cares, that's where my friends were.

To make matters worse, I had to go to class as soon as I got there. I was tired, as I had been travelling all day, but no. No rest for me. I looked at my timetable. My classroom was upstairs, Room D21. The teacher was Mr. James. I hoped he was okay, because I was in a bad mood. 

When I got upstairs, no one was in the classroom. I looked for a note or something, but there was no clue to where they had gone. I smiled for the first time that day. I could go rest at last. 

But my smile was soon wiped off my face, as a young vampire came in the room.

"Oh, hi. Who are you?" she asked me. I told her my name and informed her I was new. 

"Oh right, I bet you wondering where the class is. Were all out on the field, showing our powers. I'll take you there now, I only came up to get my bag - I left it here. My names Crystal by the way." She smiled at me, and I glanced at her fangs. 


The End

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