After I finnished singing Midnight to sleep, Cystal and I discussed it is best to keep an eye on little Midnight she puts the act on that she is strong but deep down shes still scared. after that I fell into a deep sleep.

When I woke up the room was silent apart from Midnights steady brathing. I looked to fine Cystal wasnt in her bed I froze time and slipped out of bed then lay Midnight falt so I wouldnt disturb her slumber. when I was getting ready I recived a text on my phon from Cystal, when did I giver her my number? I shook my head this girl was sneaky.

"Sorry I lfet without waking yo but you bth look so peaeful any wa dont wake her up she needs the sleep when you go to lessan oh yes to that jerk of a vampire that she staying in bed until the head master wants her hell know what I mean
 love Cystal x"

Something was going onand I was going to find out, after prefect dutiesI bumped in to Crytal she smiled at me and I glared at her, Midnigt nearly killed herself because if this fairy. She shrunk into herself and I stormed into the classroom radiatoing loathing. and sat in my seat and she sat next to me.

A cat ran in to the classroom and stood in the middle of the floor. It then transformed in to Orlando. Everyone clapped. and I rolled my eyes hes sucha show off."Thank you thank you. Today we will be looking at each of your individual powers and seeing how we can improve or help them." he said and everbody cheered.

so he wants us to show off our powers then so be it I froze time and got my pen and drew  french mustache on his face yes it was childish but well I wanted people to laugh at him I started time again and the close was roaring with laughter he looked into mirror and saw what I did and wiped it off.

"Impressive art skills Damien" He said sarcasticly I just smirked at him.

"but sir I only wanted to show you my Power" everbody laughed I loved getting pay back and making him the laughing stock of the classroom.

"now class we are going on the field as some of us can fly also we have elements out side now are you rady lets go" everybody left and grabbed sirs arms and he turned around.

"I stayed with Midnight last night No I didnt do anything to her or Crystal I sang her to sleep like I did when her mother died ! but I left her asleep" He gave me a wary look then I let go of him armf and followed the group out side one I was outside Alzena grabbed my arm.

"Look Damien I didnt mean to hurt Midnight I really didt Id do anything fo you to forgive me" I pushed her agaisnt the school boulding and put arms at either side of her so she cant escape.

"then forget about Mr James and we all would forgive you" I hissed down her ear she gasped looked into my eyes shocked.

"I cant Im sorry but I cant" she whispered "thats what I thought" I spat back and let go of her and walked away not looking back.

The End

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