I fell on to my bed and curled up in a ball. Seeing Midnight so ready to kill herself over Orlando had made me fear him, and yet treasure him at the same time. I could smell him on me, still taste the strawberries. I blushed. I was going to have to be more careful with my emotions, it had almost got out of hand earlier.

Sleep came to me easily, and when I woke up the next morning I felt totally refreshed. I got up and checked my timetable. Mr. St. James, three lessons out of five. Then tuesday was definately going to be my favourite day of the week. I dressed for the occasion in my favourite casual outfit, a dark blue top that tightened round the bum and was baggy around the body with black leggins. I grabbed my bag and headed for the cafeteria. I spotted Crystal and smiled at her, she galred back. I could see we'd started off on the wrong foot. I was going to have to try harder.

I sat next to a vampire called Tyler who grinned at me and started talking immediately. He was funny, and I laughed all through breakfast, making it hard to eat. Then it was time for lesson. I headed for Orlando's classroom, and just outside bumped in to Damien. He glared at me as well and stormed in to class. Wow, so much for one guy. I followed him in to the classroom, noticing Orlando wasn't there yet. We sat down.

A cat ran in to the classroom and stood in the middle of the floor. It then transformed in to Orlando. Everyone clapped.

"Thank you thank you. Today we will be looking at each of your individual powers and seeing how we can improve or help them."

I grinned excited. This should be fun.

The End

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