I left them to talk, and Damien was waiting for and I leaned against the wall looking at the ceiling training to gain enough energy to move. He lifted me into his arms and carried me I would normally proet but I was too tired.

"Damien I am sorry I feel so ashamed of my-self I dont know what up with me" He helled me closer to him while he walked his scent filled my nostrals a slight musky scent.

"Dont be silly Middy you have been through so much lately and no-one stopped to see how it would affect you, you put on this strong act but your not are you you still that little girl who still needs people to be around her to comfort her and I swear Ill make it up to you."

I nodded her was right I still needed everyone to be around me but I still feel guilty and Im always going to be a burdon "Im staying with you and Cyrstal tonight you can protest all you wont I do not care besides I dont sleep that much any way" I would protest but I wanted him there for him too sing me to sleep like he used to do.

We got to my room and I grabbed some things and headed to the bathroom have a wash while dasked back to his room to get some things to sleep in. as I was in the shower I felt the presance of two people they were back I got out dressed. walked out looking at the floor. Crystal was at my side and put her hand around my waist and helped me into bed my I looked to see Damien perched at the end of my bed looking at me I looked around Cystal was sat on the other bed looking at me and my sofa now looked like a bed.

I tapped the bed next to me and Damien sat next to me and I cuddled into him "Damien please sing me to sleep like you used to do" I heard him chuckled under his breathe. "yes Middy just for you" I closed my eyes when he started singing Arms of an angel which was kind of Ironic as I was in the arms of an angle ... well fallen angel and fell into a deep sleep....

The End

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