I couldn't believe what I was seeing with my midnight blue eyes. Midnight was lying on the roof! Like what was going on? I reluctantly looked over at James's face it was quite a picture.  Alzena's too was quite interesting seen as though she rushed out with us. Why she here? Flaming Tinkerbelle miss butter wouldn't melt. But I had other things right now to think about.

"Midnight, please come away. Midnight please look we can talk about this. Calmly inside. Just please for me your oldest friend." Damien begged. He tired to move close to her. But she crouched down facing us, showing her sharp teeth her fangs creeping down.

"Don't you dare come near me? You. You betrayer!" She snarled at him.

"Midnight listen to him we only want to help." James pleaded with her. "We can sort this out. Look I can get you help with controlling your power."

"What?" Midnight began. "I don't trust you. You don't want me, none of you do."

"Honestly Midnight I can help you. And I am sorry for everything." James told her trying to move closer to her, but like Damien she snarled at him. Both Damien and James moved back giving her space.

"I didn't mean for any of this to happen Midnight. I swear I didn't."-

"Don't you stick up for him? In fact why don't you just fly away". Midnight cut Alzena off. Alzena looked hurt but still seemed to be concentrating on something. What she up to?

"No one care's about me." Midnight muttered to her self turning away from us looking into the sky. I could feel the night ending and fast. We had to get her some shelter. I didn't know about the other company who was with us. Damien tried to move towards her again, but she moved further the edge. The sky was getting lighter now.

"Midnight come on. Your mother wouldn't want this for you. Please for her. She"-

"No! Don't YOU ever bring my MOTHERS name into this! How the hell would you know anything about it"! Midnight snapped at James. Cleary this was a really touchily subject to her. As it was for me. I hadn't even known my mother. When she turned back to snap at James I noticed her figures playing a heart shape locket. I could only guess that it hold a picture of her mother.

Well at listed she had a picture. Well at listed she had a  mother  that cared. Well at listed she knew her mother. She got to play dress-ups with her mother. Bake cakes together. Read stories together. Walk hand in hand when they went shopping together. Her mother loved her.

Where as mine, well she died. Too much blood was lost. She didn't even make it to the hospital to be treated. I was born even though till this day no-one has told me how I was born. And my father and when you think about it was he really my father? Why couldn't he stop the vampire from biting my mother? He never loved me, not really. Passed from nanny to nanny while he worked for his company.

Midnight had always being loved and even now she was loved. Not like me. Lucas I could call him my step father now. But he couldn't love me surly? It should be me where Midnight was. Not her she was loved and she didn't even know it.

"You're very quite Crystal. The guilt finally sinking in, on how you loved Damien blood. How you very easily tempted him into biting you. Your have to tell me. O' but wait you can't because I won't be here." Midnight suddenly broke in to my mind. I didn't even think about it. I lung at her slamming her body to the rooftop. It caught her completely off guard.

"For once can you just listen to me?" I said in hard voice trying to hold her down. "Your right I did have some of Damien blood. However it wasn't by choice. I never asked him to.

"Like I believe that, Crystal. One of your powers draws men to you, Damien would be a sucker for you" She snarled at me struggling under me.

"Get this into your head." I hissed at her. It was getting close now we had to get in the school. Before someone noticed anything. "Damien, forced me to drink his blood."

"He wouldn't." Midnight snapped back though she was thinking about it.

"I was feeling weak, from earlier. I was in the music room playing the piano when he came in. Then I had a vision about Russell. Visions take a lot out of me. So by this point I could barely stand." She was listening at last. "I must of fell or being leaning on him. Somehow he must have known that I was weaker. I promise you Midnight I didn't even know what he was doing. Until it was too late. I tried to stop him, but he wouldn't listen. Very much like you now" I suddenly noticed how the weather had suddenly changed for the worst. Instead of the sunrise that I could feel coming, I could feel it cooling. The wind was picking up and it started to rain?

"You play the piano?" Her question was completely off the record but at listed she sounded like she clamed down. I smiled quickly hearing a few comments about that behind my back. This really wasn't the time for that subject. I moved my face closer so only she could hear me.

"Midnight please, I tried to stop him. But he's was just too strong for me. He held me so I couldn't move from his arms. His hand was holding my mouth open and somehow. Then he was able the place his wrist in my mouth." I explained to her. "I had no choice Midnight believe me. Please friend. I won't ever lie to you again. Just please come away from here. And don't ever do this again." My voice was only in whisper, even my eyes were feeling very moist. The rain dripped from me on to her hopefully washing away some of her dark feelings. She close her eyes and thought for a moment.

When she opened her eyes she surprised me by what she said. "You and Damien make a good couple." I gasped in shock, then I was in the air for a brief moment.

"O' sorry Crystal, here let me help you up." Midnight had leapt up from benefit me. She was holding her hands towards me now, she helped me up.

Suddenly I was feeling slightly weak, the sky was breaking into the morning. Even though the sun wasn't up yet it was still making my body feel strange.

"Right come on before anyone sees." James hurried us back inside. I couldn't really work out what everyone was saying I heard my name mentioned a few times, but I wasn't listening. I was more worried about Midnight, she needed to rest.

"Crystal can I have a moment of your time please." James asked me.

"Sir, Midnight she."- I tried to explain but he turned off on the corridor wanting me to follow. I sighed deeply cursing under my breath. 

"Midnight go straight to sleep ok. I'll see you in the morning well later." I told her. I was still worried; it really took a lot out of her tonight.

"Erm. Crystal would you mind if you shared with me. I.I. Erm. Don't want to be alone." She whispered to me.

"Sure thing. I won't be long." I waved and followed James's scent. It was dark down here but that didn't bother me. Ouch!

"So how we going to work this out Crystal?" James voice purred to me. He had me up against the wall his arms either side of me. Making it impossible to move away. His steely eyes staring straight into my midnight blue ones. I snarled at him. And he hissed back louder.

"Got the text then?"

"Never knew threatening was your frontal. You're quite good at it. But I'm better." James seemed fairly impressed with himself.

"Thanks' sir I'll be sure to tell my step father about it when he next writes." I casually told him.

"You're what? Step father. Don't believe I've had the pleasure. What is his name?" He asked very amused by this.

"O' just Lucas Daggerson head of the vampire secret survive". Watching his face drop when I said my step father name was something else. "Dirty secret's hey sir what they like these day's huh." I smiled at him. Slap!           



The End

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