Her willingness to be fed made me smile. I let the strawberry dangle for a few seconds, then let it trail along her lips before allowing her to take a bite. A bead of juice rolled down her chin and I stuck my tongue out and trailed it along the line of juice, kissing her skin when I reached the end. She turned to face me, swallowing the bite she had taken. My phone went off and I looked at the text, sending a quick reply. It made me laugh when students tried to threaten me. Crystal. I looked back at Alzena sitting there waiting.

There was a pause.

I don't know who broke the stand first, but suddenly we were kissing. I blindly put the strawberries on the table, using my free hand to pull Alzena closer to me. She fell on top of me, we were on the floor. I rolled so I was on top, breaking away from her lips to explore her neck. She grabbed the back of my shirt, pulling it in to her fists as she gasped at my cold lips. Picking her up with my inhuman speed I backed us in to the corner.

She grinned up at me before I began exploring the line of her jaw, feeling the urge to bite beaten by a need to touch her, hold her closer. I felt her wrap her legs around my waist and hoisted her up. Somehow her blazer and tie was off on the floor already, so i took the next step, pulling her shirt over her head and throwing it away, because I couldn't bear for my lips to be away from her for too long.

 We fell backwards on to the floor and she cried out. Quickly I got up and pulled her with me.

"What's the matter?"

"It's my wings!"

Damn, I wasn't used to them yet. We sat down on the sofa again and I straightened them out lovingly for her. She turned to face me and had taken my hand when the bell rang. The sun would soon be out. She froze.

"You need to sleep don't you?"

I nodded, but regretfully. She picked up her shirt and slipped it back on, covering her magnificent body up again. I groaned. She grinned and kissed my lips again, puling away before I could kiss her back. She winked teasingly, and I growled in response. I was just leaning in to kiss her when the door burst open.

Damien and Crystal came in. A hasty discussion followed, but only one thing stood out to me. Midnight was in trouble. I raced out the door, followed by the others. Damn.

The End

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