Cystal left there lookig like an idiot I just her drink my blood yet she want after her boyfriend we al know who isnt good for her. I left the music room when it was nearing end of the day and the sight I saw was like de ja vu.

all the window were smashed doors off the frames great Midnights had another attak I bet it was might fault I meantally kicked my-self Damn you Damien for goodness sake!!

I searched for her mind and read her mind "how many times can my heart brake until the pieces are to small to put back togethor.. I know if I wait till the sun comes up Ill be weak and hardly any powers maybe if I jump from here Id be out there way wouldnt I mother? Then Mr james can be with Alzena and Damien will have Crystal-"

I dropped the link I know Im still hurting inside but the thing is so is Midnight she was close to her mum. I ran to Cystals room who was reading something. "Cystal I need your help" she jumped when she heard my voice and put her phone away.

"Im sorry no time to explain but Midnights is in danger ad Im beeing serious now" she nodded and followed I searched for him and tried not hear what he was thinking.

I knocked on his door and walked in and saw something Im not sure he wanted us to see.

there was two people on the sofa, Mr james leaning over a fragile figure when they both stood up I was it was Alzena fury built up inside me but I ignored it Midnight needed us.

"sorry to step in on this by the way however I hate to admit it mut Midnight is in danger after all the rejection she has had over ther years, her mother dying her father never really being there. Mr james leading her on many time and leaving her to cry" I saw him cringe at this "Alzena attacking her for which I dont understand and giving sir your blood when hes rejected her in the past " she also looked away guitly.

"sorry to lay it on you all so thickly but she waiting for sun rise so she can be weak and jumped, she thinks we would all be happier without her" Everybody gasped and stating thinking attention seeker.

"NO shes not an attention seeker shes a little girl who is lonely been misslead and misses her mother what would YOU do if you were her now I thought she wouldlisten if we were all togethor and explain what happened to her if you get what I mean" I stared at Mr James and nodded and I lead them to where she was.

she was lay on the roof staring up at the moon still talking to her-self wondering if death hurt. her hair spread out behind, tear streaming down her face, she was  looking out at her locket knowing that it would be the photo taken from ten years ago on er birthday, the day befor her mothers death.

The End

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