"Don't you dare touch her!" I shouted at James he didn't even deserver the right to have ‘St' in front of his name.

"Quite"! He told me then swooping Midnight up in his strong arms. I hissed quietly as we made our way into his classroom. He placed her on a table and went into his desk. Then he brought out a syringe, the solution was a cloudy white colour. When the syringe was empty James quickly shock her body her eyelids fluttered making me sigh with relief knowing that whatever the strange solution was it had worked.

  "It's probably best you don't let her remember I was here." James quickly said to me before leaving the classroom. All I could do was nodded in agreement a little star shucked by the whole thing. Then her eyes finally opened I straight over to her, I was soo worried for her. She had way too much on. Dam, James or Orlando as he likes to be called.

    "What happened? Crystal I can't remember anything apart from you finding me in the hall" Her voice was groggy when she spoke to me. I wasn't sure how much to tell her. So I told her most of what happened and how she ended up here.  She tried to stand up, but she was too weak I helped her to sit back down. She hugged me but suddenly broke away.

  "Crystal how could you?" She gasped wrapping her self around her body. What did she know? What the hell was in that stuff that he put in her?

"Midnight I don't what your on about" I even heard the guilt in my own voice I had no idea what my face was showing. It couldn't have been anything good because I could sense her angry rising again on her face.  

"You do" she spat at me "you drank from Damien; you knew how hurt I was when he didn't allow me" Midnight ran out the classroom.

I felt like ice. She had it wrong. I didn't know how to make her understand.

How could I maker her understand, that I didn't want him to give me his blood. That he force me to feed off him.

I picked up the syringe that James had just used on Midnight. I sniff it, it hurt my nose whatever it was it was some strong stuff. I thought it best to put it back in his draw. My eyes caught sight off his phone address book in the draw. I wonder? I found the number what I was looking for and quickly tapped it into my own phone. I couldn't find Midnight anywhere although I felt as if she was near me when I was outside. I wondered around outside, the moon was out in full lighting up the sky.

"Crystal?" A quite voice called to me from the shadows. As I looked round I could see a lanky form slowing walk towards me, his eyes were grey but the scent of blood seemed to fill the air around us.

"Jasper, who, what happened?" I asked in worried tune, I was soo unused to this.

"Crystal, I don't know how to tell you this." His short brown hair blow in the wind. Showing off his blood stained neck. Russell. It had to be, it was in the same place as my vision. But, that meant only one thing.

"I already know what happened Jasper. And I'm sorry he did this to you. I believe that you have a letter for me." My voice chocked out. He nodded and handed the letter to me. Jasper knew already what I was referring to he simply said. "Crystal, believe me if I ever see him. I will hurt him for putting you through this." His voice sounded soo determined. He went to touch my shoulder in comfort I guess, but I moved away from him. He didn't look hurt by my movement. Jasper said sorry again in a quite voice before leaving me there.

The school bell rang declaring that it was close to curfew and that the sun would be rising soon. I didn't move. The sun wouldn't really harm me. Just weaken me. Students moved around me or around me knowing that I would say something. I was classed as the ‘bad girl' in school; people were weary of me and tended to stay away. Even in a cowed school I still felt alone. The rush of students died down leaving me alone still unmoving. Then I remembered something from earlier. I pulled my phone out text knowing that they would have their phone on them.

‘Look's like I know your dirty little secret, St James. So here's the thing, don't you ever touch Midnight again. Whatever hold you got over her drop it. Or I will destroy you. You have no idea of the people that I know.'

I sent it not putting my name, but I could guess that he would figure it out. I needed to protect Midnight. She really needed someone right now. I stuffed the letter in my blazer and headed off to my room. But I really did need to find Midnight fast. To make her listen to me.


As I reached her door, my phone suddenly beeped.

‘Is that a threat Crystal? Are you forgetting that I know your secret? Student's exchanging blood is forbidden. Who's threatening now?'...    

The End

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