I woke up and my head felt groggy I thought I heard My james' voice sat I sat up and only saw Cyrstal staring down at me with worried eyes.

"What happened Cystal I cant remeber anything apart from you finding me in the hall" I looked around noticing I was back in his callssrom on his desk, like many times before.

"Midnight your ermpower got out of hand and you fainted so I put you in here till you came too" I nodded as I looked around noticing the mess I had created. I didnt like it when this happened I dont remeber what I did, what set me off, wo got hurt or how long it lasted.

I stood up and nearly fell over I didnt realise how weak I had gotten she ran over to me and helped to sit back on the desk. I cuddled her hair and thats when I cought the smell. Damiens blood she had drank from him.

"Cystal how could you I said when I pushed her away I wrapped my arms around my torso and brought my legs up. She drank from him yet he never alllowed me to.

"Midnight I dont what your on about" I could see the guilt in her eyes and this angered me.

"you do " I spat at her "you drank from Damien you knew how hurt I was when he didnt allow me" I got up and ran from the classroom dodgin anyone who came close to me I sat on top of the school building.

I had never felt so alone in my life I took the locket from under neath my uniform it was overall and had a rose wrapper in ivery around it. I opened it and found the picture in it I hadnt seen in years. My mother long dark blue hair like mine big purple eyes and smiling sweetly as she was nestled sweetly in my fathers arms. A strong man with a stern face dark blueeyes and black hair. on the otherside was me Mr James and Damien I had on Damiens back Grinning like a chesser cat I must have been have been 5, Damien was 8 and didnt look at the camera he was looking to the left thinking about somethng deer to him. And mr James was looking down at me lookig conerend, he changed that day when he spoke to my father I dont know what about but I knew I would find out one day

I lay back looking at the full moon and started talking to my-self

"Mother I never meant to be a burdon, when you died I felt so alone you were always here for me. Father and I were never close, not like we were. I made a mistake mother and now Im not needed am I ? I was never needed I seem to always be this spare part in a chess game. Always waiting to be used but never do" I sighed as the tears ran down face. "how many times can a heart brake mother until the pieces are to small to glue back togethor"

The End

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