There was a knock on the door. I turned to see who it was just like everyone else. Orlando was there, looking at Mrs Daria who I had recently discovered was the most boring teacher in the history of boring teachers.

"Mrs Daria, I'm afraid I shall have to steal Miss Sharpe away from you."

"Oh very well then" moaned Mrs Daria in that slow monotonous voice of hers. I got up, grabbing my books and hurrying out of the classroom. As soon as he had closed the door Orlando set off down the corridor, saying nothing to me. Confused I set off after him, hurrying to keep up. Whatever he wanted was obviously urgent, I wondered whether anyone had found out about us. We reached a doorway at the far end of the school, and he opened the door, allowing me in first. Once inside he leant against the door and watched me look around.

The End

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