I ran forward as soon as she blacked out.

"Don't touch her!" Crystal shouted.

"Quiet!" I picked Midnight up and ran, reaching my door I knocked it open and placed her on the table. Reaching in to my desk I grabbed a long syringe and poked it in to her skin. She shuddered as the liquid sped in to her system. Putting the syringe away I shook Midnight quickly. Her eyes fluttered. Soon she would wake up.

I dashed out and directed Crystal in to the room. "It's probably best you don't let her remember I was here."

She nodded. I dashed out of the room, and headed for the staffroom. I collapsed on one of the chairs. I couldn't keep doing this. Her attacks were getting more and more frequent, adn I couldn't keep slipping her an injection almost every time she slept.

I was going to have to tell her, and she was going to have to see Stavros to learn how to control it. Stavros, the headmaster. No one ever saw him. Most pupils thought the deputy was the head. I didn't relish the task of explaining Midnight's case with him.

If only her father hadn't talked to me. If only he hadn't intrusted me with her. If only I wasn't here. I closed my eyes. His face swam in to view, his last words to me echoing. I shook my head. Something else, something else. Alzena's face swam in to view. I sighed. Now I could relax. Just remembering those few moments before the bell had rang made me grow warm.

I couldn't wait until tomorrow. No, really. I got up and wandered the corridors, following the scent of her. I reached Mrs Daria's classroom and stopped. She was in there. I looked through the door. She was sat near the back, her legs crossed and her hand moving idly across the paper in front of her, doodling. Her head rolled back and she stared at the ceiling.

The End

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