He left me on my own for her, the new studant that fairy I walked out of the classroom and collasped onto the floor. What was up to me? Why did I kiss him I didnt understand. And cried silently

"Midnight?" someone said  in  soft voice I could tell it was Cystal

I looked up at her "Crystal?" I musted of looked a mess as she was by my side with in secand cradling me against her chest and I broke down in loud sobs "He lead me on Crystal, he lead me on and ran after someone else" she sat and stroked my hair when I was done crying. I sat up.

"Now Midnight tell me whats happened the whole story got it" I nodded to her

I explained what happend between Damien and I and how I went to Mr james office told her lately hes been treating me diferent, then how he put his had on my cheek and I kissed him and Alzena was at the back of the class room and attaked us. Even though she did that he ran after her and not stayed with me and said I was a anticI cried and she held me in her arms.

What ever she was thinking Im guessing it wasnt nice as I sensed loathing coming off her.

The bell rang yet we both stayed there and Crystal glared at who ever came near us. When everyon cleared away. A fly transformed back into Mr james.

"Midnight are you ok?" he asked sounding conerened No wonder Damien hates him I couldnt speak I didnt move but Cystal did she walked up to him "sir she isnt very happy at the moment I think someones hurt her feelings and used her"

I looked up at him though it was blury because of the tears he looked so guilty Cystal slapped him "YES sir it was you lead her on Ive seen you treating her different just to hurt her its a sick game you know breaking her heart"

He was by my side and he put his hand on my shoulder "Please Midnight li-" I cut him off I collected my my powers and screamed and he went flying away from me hitting the wall with a thud, and it made a spiderweb of cracks I walked towards him "I hate you " Then I smelt it Blood on both of them Alzena's blood on Mr james and Damiens Blood on Crstal, was everbody happier without me?

I stumbled back they were both by my side trying to help me But I sent them both flying onto the wall and I held them pinned there.

"Why do you try and help me both of you !! your both happy without me arnt you? you both reeek of fresh blood hmmm you like fairy blood Mr james" his eyes widened "But you wouldnt acceptbloodfrom  a pureblood vampire?" I said to him wtih distgust."And what about a fallen vampires blood hmm" Crystal gasped "Yet he woldnt let me feed from him you both meant the world to me but now you both dont need to me" I fell to my knees sobbing, my powers were growing stronger and windows were smashing.

"Midnight pleas calm down your powers are going wild" Mr james said calmly I stood up facing him my eyes glowing red my hair flowing around me as if I was under water. "DONT tell me what do "

I sat on the floor wrocking backwards and forward what was happeneing to me, after a couple of minuestes I calmed down and both fell to the floor and stood in front of me too shocked to move.

I whispered "why me?" and with that I fell on consious.

The End

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