Crystal: Strange feelingsMature


My phone beeped making both me and Damien jump. It was from Russell.

‘Crystal, where are you? Meet me by our special place xxx'

I sighed knowing that I would have to face him now. But what was that letter about? Why would he want Jasper to give it to me? I sighed again getting up from Damien in brass.

"Another time, Damien. I'm sorry it's just that, Russell leaving and this is my last chance to see him face to face. I hope you understand" He wouldn't look at me.

"Damien?" I asked I held his hand, though I was unsure why. He snatched his hand away from mine. He finally looked at me then his expression hard.

"Fine whatever, Crystal. I thought you were different to everyone else. But no you go ahead." His tone was angry and mean just like his usual self. I gasped out in astonishment.

"Whatever, Prefect Damien. I'm glad that I hurt you, when I fed off you. One thing for sure, you won't be giving me your blood again. It might have been good, but I've had better." Ok so I was lying to him, his blood was like nothing I ever tasted. I tried not to think about knowing that he could read my mind.

"Don't kid your self Crystal Storm, like I really want you feeding off me again." He spat back at me. I hissed at him before I left him alone. Good. I was feeling bad and I didn't like it. All these feelings suddenly came to the surface that needed to stay locked away. That's when I saw Midnight sitting against the wall in the corridor. She had her arms around her chest and her head resting on her knees. O oh! I knew that body language a mile off, someone had hurt her. Maybe not the physical but emotionally.

"Midnight?" I said to her in a soft voice that only she could hear using her strong senses.

"Crystal?" Her voice was even quieter then mine and was harder to understand. She looked up then; I gasped and went straight next to her forgetting completely about meeting Russell. She was a mess and I suddenly felt something that I never felt before. I felt the need to protect her, to see who had coursed her to be like this. It was strange I never felt like this before. What a long day, I thought.          


The End

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