I bit my own wrist ang forced hertoo feed from me yes I knew it would hurt me, it always hurt a fallen angel as our blood was precious thats why we get killed alot so our blood.

she beggan to drink slowely hen she realised how nice it ws and drank more I clenched my teeth so I didnt make a sound. I thought about hwat had happened in my life its been hard, yet I always take it out on midnight.

she stopped feeding and the wound healed up she just looked up at me shocked.

"Damien, your a fallen angel that must have caused you so much pain, but thankyou you blood is the best this I have ever tasted" I just smile at her and she smiled back. Its was the most breath taking smile I had ever saw in my life

I looked into her mind and read her thoughts one about how upset she was with her boyfriend and two how she wanted to play a song with me and sing.

"so Crystel.. can you sing and play because I would love to play a song with you" she eagly nodded "so what song did you have in my mind Im a quick leaner" I grinned at her.

The End

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