Crystal: Stranger's together.Mature


I never saw him like this, now I know how Midnight must have felt. So much had happened to him. Much like me he had a hard childhood. We didn't show how we truly feel on the outside. Trust was an issue for both of us. Letting someone see us, the real us.

It scared me I gasped thinking this though, ‘I don't know weather I can do this.' I went to move my arms from him, but his strong hands kept my arms from moving. He turned his towards me we looked into each others eyes. He was reading my face I wasn't too sure on what powers he held. Other then flying I didn't know a lot about him. Then I felt my body quiver then my eyes were blurred.

"Please Jasper, just one little thing for me." Russell begged.

"No way she's your girlfriend. Do the right thing." Jasper begged back to him.

"I.I. Look she not my girlfriend. We never were, just a little fun here and there. Come on man, I'll do the same for you." Russell augured to Jasper.

"You never dissevered her!" Jasper spat back at him. Both boy's were standing face to face with each other in their room. Anger flowed around the room, neither of them backing down.

Russell chuckled and said "Like I care. There are others just like her. Ready for any guy to take them under his wing."

"To think that I called you my friend." Jasper told him walking away from him. Russell leaped on him back, pulling down to the floor. Both boy's struggled on the floor. Jasper kicked Russell of him, sending Russell towards the wall. But Russell lunged himself at Jasper. Russell bit into Jasper's neck, making Jasper cry out in pain. He didn't drink from him; he left him bleeding in pain.

"Just give her the letter, Jasper." Russell said in a quite voice, before closing the door behind him.

"Crystal, Crystal are you ok. Crystal." Damien voice was close by. I came back to reality then, my eyes becoming more focus I also found myself sitting on his lap.

"I had a vision, don't worry about it." My voice was groggy and thick. Now I was feeling weak.

"Here this will help." Damien was holding his right wrist towards me, knowing that I needed to feed fast. "It's quicker then me going and getting you some blood from the machine. And I don't think you could hold out until I drove you to the nearest town. Plus I can't fly fast and carry you at the same time."

"No Damien, I won't let you." I told him trying to make eye contact with him.

"O'come on you wanted to earlier. And you're in pain. The only way for me to heal you, is to let you fed from me." He told me. His wrist did look very tempting, his veins pumping fresh warm blood.

"That's it Crystal. Keep going." Damien encouraged he even pressed his wrist against my mouth. I could feel my teeth becoming sharper like before my fangs begging to cut into his willing wrist. But I couldn't not Damien. I knew that it was nearly time for me to see Russell, I had to go. Russell wouldn't mind be feeding of him. Damien must have seen my struggling face, he moved his wrist from my closed mouth.

"If you won't then I will." I was about to protest when he suddenly bit into his own wrist. Then he forced his right wrist into my mouth, forcing it to open. I refused to take his blood. With his free hand he somehow managed to open my mouth, making me drink from him.      


The End

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