I didn't know why I had done it, but right now I didn't care. His lips on mine was all I needed, and I was still reeling from the outstanding feeling of him drinking my blood. We had been one, caught in a moment, together, equal.

Almost without thinking I felt my hands slide up his chest, unbuttoning his shirt as I did so. His torso was gorgeous, strong and muscled. I took a moment to stare before I kissed either side of his chest. He unbuttoned the rest of my shirt, sliding it off and throwing it to the floor. We kissed again, and I felt his hands sliding around my back to the clasp of my bra. Then he stopped.

"It's too soon." I was about to protest, but then I nodded slowly.

"Perhaps, yes. Perhaps you are right." He smiled and hooked his finger under my chin, kissing me again. For several minutes we remained like this, and then the bell went off. "Drat," I said, pulling away. "We have to go."

"Unfortunately." He picked up mine and his shirt and we dressed. Then, after kissing me one last time he left, changing in to a fly so he could slip out un noticed.

I laughed. He was too perfect. I brushed my hair, touched up my make up and then left the room as if nothing had happened. Which technically it hadn't. Such a gentleman. And the promise of tomorrow still hung in the air. The library, then class, and then perhaps a few snatched moments alone. I shuddered with anticipation and headed for my next lesson.

The End

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