I ran to my room and flung myself on the bed, my eyes wet. Why did I fall in to that trap? I actually thought I liked him. I heard the door open.

"Go away!"

I heard the door close and shifted, another sob breaking from my mouth. Then I felt a hand stroking my hair, and jumped. I turned to see Orlando looking down at me.

"Get out!"

"Let me explain."

"Get out! Get out of my room!"

I sat up and beat my fists against his chest, the pain in my broken wrist searing. He grabbed my arms and held me steady.

"Stop it Alzena, stop it right now." I stopped, struggling, tears running down my face at the pain in my wrist. "Right, you're not going to hit me again are you?"Gulping, I shook my head.

He let go of my uninjured arm and reached in to his pocket, pulling out a long bandage. "You can never be too prepared." he said as he wrapped it securely around my broken wrist. Already I could feel it healing, and it would probably be ok in a matter of minutes.

"Alzena," he said, still holding my arm, "I want you to know I wasn't kissing her. She kissed me, I couldn't do anything."

"Yeah, I'm sure, that's like the oldest line in the book."

"Maybe, but at least I'm telling the truth."

"Yeah, sure." I pulled away and felt my arm. I was very aware of how close he was, and where we were. The wrist was completely healed, so I pulled the bandage off and gave it to him. He ignored it and pulled my arm so I fell on to his chest.

"Yes, I am sure." he said, and then reached down and kissed me. It felt like fire exploding on my lips. I gasped and pulled away. He looked at me apologetically. "I'm sorry, I've been wanting to do that for..." I pulled him to me and kissed him again, wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him closer to me so our bodies molded together. His body responded. I felt him pulling me tighter, getting closer, his fingers entangling in to my hair. And then, we pulled apart, me gasping for air.

"Wow!" we both said in unison.

The End

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