"Midnight..." she looked up at me, and I sighed. What a shame I couldn't tell her now. I put my hand on her face comfortingly. "Midnight..." She leaned in and I stopped. "Midnight, what are you doing?"

She kissed me, and for a minute I was so shocked all I could do was stand there and let her do it.

"Oh my god!" Midnight stopped kissing me and looked around, but I already knew where the voice was coming from. Alzena.

"What was she doing in here?" asked Midnight.

Alzena was storming down the stairs and heading straight for Midnight. I stepped in front of her before things got nasty and Alzena stopped right in front of me. It was then I noticed that papers were flying in a circle round us, and Alzena's eyes were glowing.

"Alzena, you need to calm down." I said, trying to reach out for her, but she slapped my face. I winced, but not from the pain, but from the crack I heard in her hand. Her wrist had broken.

"I do not need to calm down! You think you're so fit don't you, flouncing around, getting people to trust you, then kissing students..."

"...I didn't, she kissed me..."

"...How can you stand and lie to my face? And after what you just said about Damien! He's a nice guy, there's no way he did that to you!" The wind around us was becoming extremely strong, I didn't realise she had this much power. And then suddenly, nothing to do with the wind, a chair came flying towards us. I pushed Midnight over thee desk and jumped over myself. When we looked up, the wind had gone and so had Alzena.

Midnight looked at me. "She's nuts!"

"No Midnight, she's just upset."

"Are you kidding me? That was more than upset!" I stood up, letting her get up for herself.

"Midnight, get back to your class. Your arm is healed, and I have some more pressing business to attend to now, thanks to your stupid little antic there. I am not the guy for you, so don't waste your time on me." I ran to the door, then turned back and said "I'm sorry if that sounds harsh or if I led you on in any way, but this isn't right." And with that I ran off to find Alzena and hopefully to heal the damage that had just been caused.

The End

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