My eyes were too painful to open and body was stiff. Midnight left me to sleep and I was truly grateful that she did. I hadn't slept in a while; my body was feeling weak too. I needed blood, but my body was craving fresh warm human blood.

But the only way I was going to get that was to sneak out of school and go into the human world. And the only way to do that would be to drive out and go to the closes town. But I would need permission from the headmaster, plus a teacher to come with me. No chance of that ever happening. It wasn't like I would kill the human because I was a made vampire.

I've got human parents well parent. When my mother was pregnant with me she got bitten by a vampire. When I was born my mother died then somehow the vampire venom ended up in me.

This made me only a half vampire, then one day at school when I was 10 a little girls cut her knee. I dived on the girl drinking her blood. After that dad sent me away to some special clinic, that dealt with this type of thing. I was feeling weak with the lack of human blood in my system. A doctor took my out of the special clinic without telling anyone.

He looked after me and told my father that he was taking care of me himself. The doctor name was Lucas, he also told me that he was a born vampire and that he could make me a fully vampire. I was willing for anything to make me what I truly was, so I let him change me. I can't really remember what happened; how he changed me it's all a bur. The only thing I have left as a reminder is the bite marks on my shoulders and wrists.  

I climbed out the bed that Midnight had made up for me. Midnight was really the only one I sort of got on with. We were completely the opposite of each other. She kept the rules intact, where as I found ways out of them. I hoped she didn't mind that I used her shower and bowered some of her toiletries. I couldn't believe that broke down in front of her. I always kept my guard up around people; trust was a big thing for me I wasn't used to it.

Everyone was in classes; I didn't really feel like it today. I had to be strong and wait until I could see Russell at midnight (which would be the middle of the day for us). It wasn't long now, I wouldn't think about it. I knew the only thing that would distract my mind from him. I headed to my favourite place in the school, still craving for things for that thing that I really want.

The lights were off in the music room when got there it was quite and peaceful no-one was about. Instead of turning all of the lights on and attaching unwanted interruptions I just light one candle. I made my way over to the grand piano that was in the middle of the room.

I ran my fingers over the keys and sighed. I hadn't played in some time now, due to the fact that I got kicked out of the music room. Just because I wouldn't play the right music of the teacher so the mad cow didn't want me in her lesson.Like whatever, I didn't need her to teach me how to play. I flexed my fingers and began to play; I change halfway though and began to sing. The song by Kelly Clarkson and the song was called ‘Cry'. It seemed suitable for my mood at the time.

I suddenly felt as if I wasn't alone anymore. I turned round to face my intruder hissing as turned. I knew that my midnight blue eyes would be a dark pink colour due to the fact that I was thirsty. When I finally turned my tens body towards the door I was looking into crystal blue eyes. His wings open out showing the beauty around them, his muscles showing boldly under his shirt.

I sprung up from my chair and leapt on him. Usually I'm a lot faster and stronger but because, I haven't being feeding regularly my body was weak. He slammed up against the wall, I snarled at him he was close to me his breathe seemed warm against my skin.

"Well well, Crystal Storm what a pleaser it is to see you here. Didn't know you could hit the high notes." He said to me clearly enjoying the fact that he had something on me. I struggled against his tight grip, but something felt kind of strange. The way his body was pressed against mine, the way he smelt so good to me. I could feel my teeth becoming more like sharp fangs in my dry mouth.

"Back off Damien." I snarled at him. Staring into his eyes I couldn't read his expression.

"Or what?" He replied his face seemed quite amused by this.

"I'll take a bite out of you". I threaten. He huffed not at façade by my threat. "You really wanna take a bite out of me?" He asked a small gin went across his mouth.

"Try me." My voice was hard; his scent was soo strong and over powering. Damien smiled showing me his teeth, I copied his actions. His blood would be so exotic to me that I wanted it so bad. I knew that if I did bite him then I wouldn't kill him. We both stood still, just staring into each other eyes.     


The End

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