I walked down the hall and Damien storms out of Mr james class room no they must have argue again. he brushed past him and grabbed his arm "Damien whats happened"

He  grabbed my hand twisted it behind my back and pushed me against the lockers I sensed the hatred ripple off him, he tristed my arms tightened and I winced at the pain. He leaned in close to my ear and hissed "you never learn do you? think you can touch me ask me how I am, while your like a love sick puppy with that Dirt bag Mr james" He twisted my arm round more and I herd a creck I screamed out in agony.

"your nothing better than a human Midnight, you like your mother she was weak too couldnt defeand her self could she" My eyes flayed red with my spare hand I grapped my stick and electuted him and he fell to the floor I put my weapon away.

"DONT EVER call my mother she was a good lady and Ill never see her again MY FATHER took you in because your parents died however I will not bring it up good bye Damien"

I clutched my arms to my chest I was in so much pain it was unbelivable and I ran to Mr james room, that was odd the door was closed I sensed to people in there but ignored it and knocked on there was a long pause.

"Orlando?" the pain was getting worst and I didnt know what to do.
"come in midnight" I opened the door then quickly cluched my arms again tear spilling down my cheeks.

"Sir I need help I think my arms broken Damien attacked me again" I gasped and the shot up my again. he was by me and helped sit on top of his desk.

"Midnight I need to see your arm to see what I neeed to do I nodded and moved my good arm away. he straightened my good arm out and I screamed in pain again tears running down my cheeks.

"Im so sorry Midnight be hes crushed your whole bone let me get you some blood it will help you speed up the process of healing once thats done explain what happened I nodded if I tried to speak I would scream.

He went into his droor and took out a bottle of blood he held it to my lips and I let my senses take over, my fangs came out and stook into the bood my good hand grabbed of the bottle and gulped deeply I was so thirsty I didnt notice it before, some blood escaped my lips and ran down my neck. If anyone who wasnt a vampire they would of felt sickened by this.

Once I was done and the pained dulled I could feel the bone mending, I explained to him in detail. He sighed "Well Midnight we need o tell the Head master its the thir time hes done this to you and each time the damage is worse may-" I cut him off

"No sir you cannot tell my father you cant hell throw him out hes hurting inside  know he is he wont let me close to him over the past ten years after his parents, he still greaving sir and this is the only way I can help him" I took a deep breath "by taking his agner out on me"

We both stayed insilent for a while until he sighed "Midnight"

The End

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