Ok, firstly, all that time in the library, I felt myself. For the first time in such a long time. And it made me happy. And I think it made Mr. St. James happy as well. I had told him I wouldn't call him Orlando, that in the interests of trying to get along well in a new school I would call him by his teaching name. He accepted this.

Then he  placed me next to this fallen angel who could stop time. It was an incredible experience to be one of only two things moving in the world. And his wings...they were so soft, beautiful and he ws stunning himself. Damien. It was a nice name. I'd left him in the room with Orlan... Mr. St. James, and then set off to my next lesson. But half way there Midnight walked up to me, checked my uniform, which I think she disapproved of but there was no way I was changing it, and said that my lesson had been cancelled because the teacher in question was having a hard time returning to his human form.

I thanked her and wandered round. I was going to go to the library again, but it was full of people now, and I didn't like it. So instead I went to visit Mr. St.James. When I walked in he was leaning against the board. I was about to knock when he sighed.

"Sir?" I said. His eyes snapped open and he smiled.

"Alzena, what are you doing here? I thought you were in lesson."

"It's been cancelled. Um, Mr. St.James, are you ok?"

"Yes, why wouldn't I be?"

"Well you were, I don't know, you were just leaning against the board and everything, I thought it was a bit odd." he gestured me to shut the door. I did so, stepping further in to the room as I did.

"I was thinking about our conversation and about tomorrow. Same time, same place." I blushed as he repeated my words. He grinned at the redness of my cheeks. "That's is very attractive on you. I shall have to make you blush more." At this my cheeks redened  even more. He stepped forward, took my hand and kissed it, then placed my hand on my cheek. I had a sudden urge to kiss him back, his mouth was very inviting, just perfect for kissing. There was a knock on the door.

"Orlando?" It was Midnight's voice. Suddenly my feet left the ground and I was being carried at the speed of light to the back of the classroom, where I was placed under the benches. Orlando, oh I give in I'll call him that in my mind, placed a finger on my lips and then sped back to the front.

"Come in Midnight" he said.

The End

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