"Don't you ever feel sorry for me you dirt bag, who do you think you are ? I know what you're like, sure the way you think about the girls students in the school you make me feel sick"

He walked out, and I adjusted my shirt. It wasn't every girl I thought about like that. It was just Alzena...how wonderful those hours in the library had been. All we'd done was talk, there had been no flirting, no assertive looks, just familiar free talking. She wasn't the fake flirt she had appeared to be when she was leaning on my door frame. She was a very real, beautiful girl. If my heart could beat, I'm sure it would be running ten to the dozen. She had promised that she would meet me again, same time, same place tomorrow, and I was actually looking forward to it.

Same time, same place, tomorrow. I sighed and leant against the board, closing my eyes. And all I could see was her face.


The End

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