My alarm when off I woke up and thought I hate this school nothing happens and evan worse begging the adopted son of the headmaster makes me the school prefect, and yes Midnight is the headmasters daughter.

I got up and got ready, My shirt fastened tightly around my tourso showing off my muslces buttons not fastend at the top, the tiee not all the way up to my neck my black pants and blazer hung open and my black wings behind me. I was sliping on my prefect band I head a  knoking on my door, I walked over and opened itof course it was Midnight we had to make sure studants went lestons first.

"good morning Damien time for our rounds" Midnight beamed loudly urhh how can anyone be jolly in the morning and a vampire. we went out walked around the grounds and ushered the studants to the classroom.

First lesson was with Mr James or Orlando as he liked to be called to be honest I dont care, all the girls lust after him which I dont understand why. I was down in my seat as the bell rang there was  girl stood at the front looking ever so nervous I kinda felt sorry for her.

"right class we ave a new studant today this is Alzena she is a fairy and just transford here I hope you be kind to her here I looked at her in more detial thin tall for a girl thought next to me shed stil be smaller, long black hair and ice grey eyes. "Right now Alnza please take the seat at the back next to the boy with balck wings as its the only seat left" lots of people made ooo sounds and "good luck yoll need it" she sat next to me, great ill have to talk to her.

"erm hi I guess you know my name" I looked at her she looked so nervous I decide i wuld go easy on her.

"yh Im Damien Im a fallen angel fence the black wings not white" she lloked at me shocked.
"aw wow Ive never met a falled angel wow your wings are impressive can you expan them so I cansee them all" she looked at me pleadinly. I med as well amus her I hd nothing ese to do.

"sure bet let me stop time so Mr james wont kl us" I stopped tme everbody else frove but us she gasped just like everbody else did when I did this. I stood up then expanded them, it felt good to stretch them the feathure glistened in the list she walked round me as If I was sone art pice in a gallery.

"she came to face me erm can I touch them" if she looked at me a little nervus of my reection" I sighed

"yes but be carefull" she brushed the fingertips over them it made me shudder, she ignored it and kept stroking them " oh there so soft and wonderful thank you" she took hand away and we sat down in our places and carried on with our work after I started tim again.

when the lesson finnished Mr Jmaes asked to speak to me what nerve he has to do this he stood up and I was faicing him both the same height.

"now Damien I was wondering how things were with you" he looked concerned I herd his thought "Poor kid no parents.." withing the scand I had him pinned agaisnt the wall.

I hissed at hm "Dont you ever feel sorry for me you dirt back who do you think you are ? I know what ur like sure the way you think about the girls studants in the schoo you make me feel sick" I let go of him and walked out of the lesson I was so round up I never went to my next lesson I sat ontop of the school builind and watched the moon. and thought Man I hat life

The End

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