Girls have always thrust themselves on me. Even Midnight was somewhat protective over me. If only someone who enjoyed the same things as me would come along, instead of all these students. I sighed and decided to go to the library. There was no light there, and I would therefore be protected from the sunlight.

I grabbed a book and settled on top of a bookshelf to read. No one ever noticed me up here, and so I wouldn't be horded with all the girls. The door to the library opened, then closed again. Someone walked under the bookcase I was on and pulled out a book. Then they lay down on the floor and started reading. I saw the title, Mythology and the Supernatural. The same book I held in my hand. Maybe my prayers were being answered. I leaned over the edge to see who it was, but the isle was too dark even for my improved eye-sight. Then, the wood underneath me cracked, and I fell headlong down on to the floor, on top of my mystery person.

"Oh!" said a female voice. I looked down. Alzena!

"Sorry. Sorry." I got up, pulling her with me.

"It's alright. Oh, it's you, Mr St. James isn't it?"

"Orlando, please."

"Sorry about earlier. I'd seen you and I thought you were a pupil. It only registered you weren't when I saw you weren't wearing the...uniform." She looked down, obviously disgusted at the sight of it.

"Well at least I look young enough!" I laughed. "Are you sure you're ok?"

"Yeah, us fairies heal fast." She looked round, and I noticed one of her wings was crushed. "Oh no!" She cried.

"Here let me smooth it out for you." I ran my fingers along, straightening out all the crooked parts. She shivered slightly, whether from delight or the cold of my hands I didn't know. Once her wing was straightened I picked up my book.

"Um, that's actually mine." she said, holding out her hand. I picked up the other one and handed it to her.

"It appears we have similar interests Alzena."

She smiled at me. "Yeah, I've been in to mythology and the supernatural for as long as I can remember!"

"As have I. Would you like to talk about the subject?"

She glanced around, "As long as I don't get told off by that prefect, Midnight again."

"I'll make sure you don't." I helped her climb on to another bookshelf, this one wider and more stable, being careful not to touch her too much. I could already feel my attraction for this girl growing, but I refused to go down that road. No matter what my feelings were telling me. I'd already started to get too close to Midnight this year for that to happen with another student. And if I had Midnight following me round, because she thought I liked her, when really her father had told me... but no, I wouldn't think about that. Instead, I would concentrate on what Alzena was saying.

"So, what's your favourite part?" she said. 

The End

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