Cyrstal had dropped off to sleep, when I realised I didnt check the school building as she distracted me. I slipped out of room and shut the door gently. I ran to the other building and check the corridors all safe. Then I heard a vioce.

"Well, hello there." I ran to where it came from and saw a girl about 18, I could sense she was a Fairy, she wa leaning in the doorway ina very  alluring way. ugh she must be new ro sell know not to flirt with teacher and not out not. I walked over to her befroe she could speak.

"Excuseme but you should not be out at his hour it my job a Prefect to take now to head master, however you are new so Ill give you a warning and escort to your room" The ground and stood up, an she another one tall than me.

The man chuckled Id no that laugh any where Mr James "Thank you Midnight for taking of this little studant I wa about to do that same thing but you really shouldnt work your-self so hard youll get weak" he walked over to the door to see me and I blushed.

they girl made a dissaproving  sound so  turned to her and bowed "Im sorry we met this way I hope I got to know you well my names Midnight and Im 15 pleased t me you" I looked up to her pleadingly.

"Im Alzena and Im 18 sorry about this lets go now" she looked up and smirked at sir "bye now sir I hope you teach me" with that we walked in silence to our dorm I was noe exhausted and collapesed on my bed.

The End

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