So, I was having the time of my life in my old school, no uniform, hardly any rules, and then my mum found out about a party we had had and moved me here. It had rules. And worst, it had a uniform.

My last years of school and I still have to wear a uniform. So unfair. But everything was fitted perfectly to me, and I must admit it did look rather sexy. I walked out the door of my dorm, not caring if I wasn't allowed out yet. Straight to the cafeteria for breakfast. Peeking around the door I saw a young girl with a prefect mark on her, and a tall older man leaning over her. Ouch, now he was hot! I hope he's in my class. But it looks like he's with the young girl. Or maybe he was just whispering to her. He's moved away now.

Then I registered that he wasn't wearing a uniform. Oh my god, a teacher! Well I am gonna love that lesson. When both of them had gone, I went in to the cafeteria and ate. Then, while other students filed in to the hall, I decided it was time to explore, and perhaps find that teacher?

Walking down a corridor, I glanced to my left and saw the teacher sitting at his desk. Preparing myself, I was just about to lean on the doorway in an inviting way, just to gage his reaction, when he appeared in front of me.

"Well, hello there." he said looking me up and down.

The End

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