After chatting to Mr james, well Orlando I was on the way back to the grils dorm when I heard someone walkig on th lower path I jumped of the wall with ease and landed in front of Crystel jumped back surprised.

"Cyrstel you know you shouldnt be out here, it is my duty as a prefect" turning sash on the upper part of left arm to show her it in more detial, "to turn you into the head master" Norlamally she would going on about a friendships honour but this time she broke down into tears (well not human tears but blood)

"Oh Crystal I didnt mean to be harsh" I pulled her into a hug though she was taller than me never mind with her heels on.

"Oh midnight hes leaving it was our last night and I dont what to do I love him so much and hes leaving the country all I want is for him to hold me close forever"
whens her sobs werent as violent,  I decided she would have to stay with me today (as night creatures we sleep in the day, and work at night and as a prefect I dont have to share my room as I would wake my room mate up when I went on my 'rounds').

I made up the spare bed while she gont changed in the perjamas she leaves here just in case. I sat withher stroking her hair until she fell asleep, and kept telling her everything was ok.

It killed me seeing her like this broken, she normally chocky but with me I see through it all she very insucore and finds it hard to trust, were complete oppersites but I guess she the spice in my life.

The End

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