Crystal: Last timeMature


"Think we better be going now". He told me yawing. He still had his arms around me and we were curled up together. We sneaked out last night after curfew and went up in the school attic. I could see the sun streaming though the cracks in the ceiling.

"I don't want to. I want to stay here locked in your arms." I grumbled like a little kid not getting her own way. Well I wasn't really.

"I know, I know. But we've got to get back before they notice that we're gone. Do you remember last time"? He questioned me. Even though I was only half awake I remembered that. Me and Russell had snuck out during lesson about a month ago. They found us in his room, me in my underwear and him in just his jeans.

"Can I see you tonight before you go?" I asked a little worried. Russell was leaving Night Academy and going to some other Academy in a different country.

"Yes I'll come and see you. Midnight by our bench." He promised me looking into my midnight blue eyes. He ran his strong hands though my cherry red hair, which was cut in a bob shape and longer at the sides. We kissed again but it was more urgent then before. He took his lips away from mine, I sighed knowing that this was going to be the last time.

I was cleaver enough to bring my school uniform with me last night.  My black pleated skirt was shorter then it should be showing off my long legs. My white blouse with my horrible red bow loosely tides up. Then of course the black blazer which fitted my body perfectly. In fact all of my clothes showed my amazing body off, no matter what it was. Then lastly my high heel shoes, they were great weapon if ever I need them to be. I would just take them off and throw them at my target.

"So, see you later Crystal." Russell told me as he headed down the stairs.

"Bye." I whispered to myself. Then I took one last look around the attic, knowing that me and Russell would never be here again. One tear suddenly escaped my eye. I quickly wiped that away before anyone saw. Then I headed down the stairs, touching the banister just like Russell would have.        


The End

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