My alarm went off urhh sometimes I hate being the prefect, I slip out of bed and put on the school uniform, Black plieted skirt,shite blouse with a crimen red bow(crimsen red tie for boys) and a blazer. I had boots on so I could run and jump with ease. I went and washed my face and looked at my reflection, I had a angelic face and my eyes were deep red, framed with long black eye lashes, I need to feed soon I thought. I tied my hair in two hight pony tails and it still trialed down my wavy. No too childish so I left falling lossly down my back and I had a little cresent moon clip in my hair.

As a prefect I have to check the school is safe before any studant step foot inthe school. I walk out my room and check the girls dorm. its a spacious buling and each room catures to a different creatures need. the whole school is  an fashion vitorian style and if a human could you would feel an eeire atmsphere but it makes me feel at home.

The whole school was safe,like always ut you never know who could be lurking around the cornor.

I walked into the school cafertia and went to the blood vending machine. I slot the money and sighed, yes it satified my thirst but it want as good as the real thing.
Alow husky voice whispersin my ear "arhh yes that blood never as good as the real thing is Midnight" I gasped quickly moved away from the voice, and pulled out my weapon which look like about a metal pole when I press it, it shoots aout and is a lot longer and will electicute however I hit it with.

I turned and face the owner of the voice, No it couldnt me A tall muscular man and I smart black suite bloned shaggy hair that nearly coverd his wonderful steel eyes,it was Mr  James.

I put my weapon away blushed and bowed my head Im in trouble !! he chuckled at me "Im sorry sir I didnt realise it was you Mr james please is there anything I can do to make it better"

he laughed even loud and it made my heart skip a beat "Yes theres one thing stop saying sorry and dont be so formal Midnight call me Orlando I was called that for a reason" I stood up proply and opened my can of blood and sips I look at him he just smiles at me. I blush teachers normally ignore me why was he different.

The End

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