she was joking right, Middy and Zuri were trying to go to the other world even mages knew that was suicidel.

finaly I spoke up "so there going to get Maz then"

"thats right"

"there insain, why do you think Maz couldent live thou that spell that I put on him... because you cant tamper with life and death, the`ll get killed"

"you have to have some father Jordan" I shoke my head and rolled my eyes

"faith is stuped Crystal, just beause you have faith dosent make it real"

"then belive that they will come out of it" I looked at her plainly blinking no exspression on my face.

"that baby is doing something to you jordan"

"yeah makeing me grow up" I told her rubbing my bulging stumic.

"you dont have to lose that fun and faith about yourself, you dont have to lose who you are to have the baby"

"no but I have to..." an owl flutered down to me and Droped a letter on my lap "I am getting really tired of that" I mutter opening the letter and looking thou it, then getting to my feet I said "have to go Crystal we can continue this discushion latter.

I then opened a portel and went to the concel meating it was in bangladash, we were dealing with an up rise in powerful dark magic.

The End

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