When we flew back to my room, Damien strong arms cradled me and I moved my neck to kiss him. I moved wrapping my legs around his waist, he ran his hands through my cherry red hair and the kiss became more urgent fearful.

“Promise you won’t ever leave me Crystal.” Damien murmured over my lips. I froze for a moment and pulled back standing on the floor.


“Promise you won’t leave me.” Damien’s wings opened and closed and I gasped seeing how they had changed. “What is it?”

“Your wings, they changing. Blackness doesn’t fill them with hate and pain anymore.” Damien looked at his wings then back at me. “What are you talking about? They’ll black.”

“No they’ll more grey and some glimpses of pure white.” I went over lightly touching his wings, Damien flinched feeling my touch. “Can’t you see?”

“I will never be pure Crystal, a pure angel.” He moved turning his back on me arms folded.

I sighed. “Damien? They’ll not black, most of them have changed.” I moved a touched the centre of his back.

Damien spun round. “Back off Crystal, you don’t know what it’s like being me.” His voice sounded edgy and a red tint filled his eyes. “Rejected. Alone. That vampire hunted down and killed my parents. I watched as he bit into my mother’s neck, licked her blood and smiled with his fangs dripping watching her life slip away”

I gasped feeling shocked and wondered where this was coming from. He was mad. And I was in the firing zone, injecting him with fuel. Anger was filling me. What had happened?

“Tell you what you can lecture me about what it’s like after I find out who really behind killing my mother, the real reason for Lucas to change me and why Corniva trying to ki-

You know what never mind.” I really didn’t want to get in this discussion right now and especially with Damien. Jordan knew something was happening already and even I didn’t know what was going to happen. “You just stay and think about yourself not caring about anyone else. Why I worry about Midnight and Zuri.” He lifted his head then still facing the wall.

“Do you ever wonder where they could be? What they could be doing right now, dangers.” I shook my head, went over to the window and climbed down.

I ended up at Mazany grave, pacing and telling him everything as if he could hear me. “I honestly don’t know what to do Maz, I need Middy. Well I need all of you. I miss us being together.”

The morning was coming I could feel it. “It would be so easy to give up, but I refuse to give in when the fight become hard and knowing that I need to protect the ones that I love.”

Suddenly things burred and next thing I knew I was in Damien room lying on his bed, with Damien at the side of me biting into his wrist. “Your eyes are deep pink, I trust you Crystal and I’m sorry.”

His bleeding wrist was in my mouth and I fell asleep feeling his happiness and love for me.


We didn’t mention last night; Damien let me where his shirt and I walked proudly out his door wearing only his shirt to my room. I changed into black jeans and deep blue silk shirt matching my sapphire heart necklace. Touching it I felt the warmth of my mum, Damien arrived then and we went for a fly meeting Genevieve on the way or G as she informed. I was still wearily of her, an instinct that seemed to stay with me.

After that we carried on flying around the school, the moon was in nearly in full form and looking at it sent shivers down my body. Damien was looking to thoughtful expression on his face.

“Hey do you think tha…that, that.” No not now. My vision power was descending and I jotted out of Damien’s arms. I heard my name being called but I couldn’t concentrate on reality…

Everything was fast, quick images. Fire…Fire pentagram…Black raven…Middy and Zuri together in some strange world…Mazany with nine tails…Fire again…beams of light from the sky…three colours…Purple flames…the flames made words on the grass-Surrounded-blood-plague-SCRAIFICE…

I gasped opening my eyes and still feeling my power taking over. “Dam…it’s nooot…overrrr.” My voice slurred.

“Damien what’s going on?” I could hear Jordan voice and then spuriously G.

“O’my god Crystal what? Can we help her?” That focused my head and I snarled viscously sending a wave of power at them.

Then I managed to somehow calm down and slipped into ghost form. I was forced towards the school and stopped near the basement where I had first met Corniva.  

She was there of course, in a deep purple gown busy with some spell book. What was she doing? The dagger that she had scared me with appeared in her hand. Corniva was too lost in her evil spell to notice me hovering, there was a pot steaming with smoke and she dropped the dagger in there. It flashed a white, black smoke covered the pot and when that had cleared the only thing that was left was the dagger. But it had changed. The handle was black and had ruby, amethyst (dark purple) and black onyx gem stones.

The dagger disappeared and I was forced back to where everyone was cowered around me. I hated everyone looking at me like a science experiment. I went back into my body slowly.

I sat up bracing myself to spring, snarling and growling at the onlooker’s.

“If you want be to let her lose, then go a-head and stand there and believe me I wouldn’t chance it…now get out of here.” Damien ordered it was only then that I felt his arms pinning me from ripping their heads off. The other students hurried off then.

I was still struggling, snarling unable to feel calm.

“Shh Crystal, shh love it’s okay, come back, come back to us, come back to me please daring…shh.” Damien voice was soft and soothing his hand lightly running through my hair just the way I liked it.

Once I was calm Damien helped me to stand up and I saw that Jordan and G were close by. “Sorry G, that must have been…bad for you. Vampire instinct I guess.”

“It’s okay; just wish we could have helped you.” G looked at Jordan who was studying me closely and finally said

“You can’t reach Crystal, not when her power that high and powerful. When her necklace glows like it is, well that’s it everything rebounds off it.”

“It’s true.” I wobbled trying to walk feeling arms support me.

“Care to share anything?” Jordan whispered.

“The first wave was more images, but it was quick and interesting.”


“I think I know what Middy and Zuri are doing. But shh.”

The End

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