I rolled down the window to find another red head.

How many of them are at this school? 

"Hello?" I asked tentatively.

I could tell she was a witch just by looking at her, around 16 years old. She was wearing long gloves and she brushed her hair out of her face as she introduced herself. 

"Hello," she said.

"I'm Jessalyna, everyone calls me jordan. I`m sorry for bothering you, but are you new here?"

I groaned inwardly. Was I going to have to explain that to everyone? How many "new kids" did they get each day?!?

"Relatively," I answered.

"Oh, well welcome to the Academy." She said. 

"Thank you." I smiled at her. She didn't seem to want to kill me or anything yet. I might as well be nice.

"Um, so what are you exactly?" She asked. "I saw you have wings, but I couldn't pick you out." She finished by looking at me with a questioning expression. 

Ugh. Now there was a long story I didn't want to get into right now. I settled for the easiest response. 

"I'm a witch." 

She looked at me skeptically. "With wings?" 

I growled to myself. I put on a smile which turned out more like a grimace. "Do you want the whole scientific explanation?" 

She looked politely curious, so I continued.

"My name is Genevieve. I'm a witch on my mothers side. My mother, seeking power like the tyrant she is, decided to pump avian DNA into my bloodstream when I was still an infant, giving me wings."

Jordan raised her eyebrows. "Wow! Really? You must be pretty powerful! I--"

I held up my hand. "Hold up, I'm not done yet."

"I have horrible visions of the future and things in the past. I can cast spells and I have an affinity for all five elements, which you probably know is pretty common."

She nodded. "I do too."

"Oh, My father was a necromancer, so I can raise the dead. I can pick up your thoughts if I'm close enough to you. And hey, I play 5 instruments, and I cook a mean pasta dish. Always comes in handy."

She brushed another strand of hair out of her eyes. "Um, wow. That's, um, pretty cool actually."

I chuckled darkly. "You might think so. You're not me."

I changed the subject. "And you? What do you do? I guessed you were a witch."

She smiled. "Well, if you can read my thoughts, why don't you tell me?" 

I laughed. "Alright..."

I reached out with my consciousness towards hers and sifted through random thoughts. "You are definitely a witch."

She giggled. "I had no idea!" she joked.

Then I stiffened. " can see people's past if you touch them?" Well, that explained the gloves, but it made me nervous. I inched away a little.

I could feel curiosity in her thoughts. She wanted to know about my past. "Can I...?" she ended in a question, reaching out to me with her other hand holding her glove.

"Believe me, my past is something you don't want to see."  I said bitterly.

She put her gloved hand on my shoulder.

"You'll be okay. Hey, I'm always around if you need to talk. My room is on the other side of campus. Drop by if you need me." She smiled and walked off. 

"Thanks." I called after her. 

She smiled again. "No problem."

Well. I think I might of actually found another friend.

The End

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