I was kinda put out about the hole house thing and I didnt want to be at school anymore, I was finished with school I wondered why I hadent been kicked out yet.

maybe it was time I tock an other corse that didnt involve my magic so much, like law or markiting. I would talk to Benjermen when I got back to the room.

as I walked something caught my eye and I saw Damein zooming by holding I could only Assume it was Crystal, I mean who else would he be with, plus blood red hair.

I ran (as fast as I could being I was so scared of losing my baby) after them, I one wanted to know where they were going and two I wanted to see them, I hadent gotten a change to chetch up a lot.

just then I saw a mid air colishion with an other person, she had wings but she wasent a sirien or anything.

I wached as they talked a bit then Damein held Crystal closer and sped off in the oposit derection as the girl.

she stared after them a moment hovering where she was and then headed down to the parking lot.

I wached as she and a caleco cat got into a car.

I walked slowly over to her, there was no way I could chech up to Damein flying so I mas well great who ever this new girl was.

i knocked on her window and she jumped opening the window.

"hello" she said staring at me.

"hello, I`m jessalyna, everyone calls me jordan. I`m sorry for borhting you, but are you knew hear"


"oh well welcome to the Acadetime"

"thank you"

"umm so what are you exsactly, I saw you have wings but I couldent pick you out"

"I`m a witch..."

I stared at her a witch, I rarly met any witches, this was exsiting.


The End

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