I woke up in a bed smelling strongly of medicine. Eww. 

I looked around. Oh. I was in some sort of a hospital room. Ugh, I hate the smell of medicine in the morning, I joked with myself. I looked around. Nobody seemed to be watching me or anything. I was still wearing my clothes, no hospital gown or anything, thank goodness. I searched around the bed for my purse, and when I found it, I went strait for my pocket mirror. I scrutinized my reflection carefully. Okay. I look fine. I put my mirror back in my purse and pulled out my eyeliner. I put some on quickly, checking my reflection again before I closed my purse. I snuck out of the infirmary, looking over my shoulder to make sure some crazy nurse wasn't around to force me back to bed.

I ran across the grounds to the parking lot which, I might add, was not easy to find amongst the tall buildings. I wrenched open the door and sat inside. Then I laughed shakily. I could have just flown to the car. I must really not be thinking straight. A sharp meow startled me. I peered out my windshield to find my calico kitten, Hecate, staring at me with her weirdly wise green eyes. I rolled down my window and motioned her to come in. "You crazy kitty! What are you doing here, baby girl!" I picked her up and got out of the car. She meowed and purred, rubbing her cheek against mine. I snapped out my wings. "It's about time we went for a flight together, hey baby girl?" I took off, marveling at how amazing it felt to be up in the air again. We sped through the air, doing flips and turns along the way. Then, right above one of the huge buildings, we ran into something. Hold up, no, someones.

I blinked. It was the two who rescued me. The boy was carrying her as they flew. We hovered, facing each other. The girl broke the silence. "Well, Genevieve, we've really got to stop meeting like this." The boy's expression brightened. "Okay, well, if you're not fighting, I guess that's a bit better." He looked at my wings. "Nice ride," he joked. I couldn't stop staring. Hecate meowed. "Oh," I said, startled out of my daze. "This is Hecate." I sounded so dumb! "Hey," the girl frowned. "Did nurse Iris let you out of the medical wing?" I shook my head sheepishly. "No..I, er, that is...I snuck out." She grinned. "Well, we were just on our way, but here," she said, handing me a piece of paper. "That's my cell number. You look pretty lost here, and you'll probably need help later. I'm  Crystal, and this is Damien. I'll see you around, Genevieve." I nodded. "Thanks. Call me G," I added. She winked. "See ya." Damien nodded goodbye and wrapped his arms more firmly around Crystal. They sped over to a building near where I was, and I turned around and went back to my car. 

I got in, feeling a bit more relieved now that I had someone to show me around later. I felt like it was freshman year in high school, where you needed  to find an older student to show you around, where you were scared out of your mind in a new environment.  I chuckled ruefully. And, just when the day couldn't get any weirder, a knock on the window jolting me out of my thoughts. 

The End

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