Couldn't believe what was in Damien arms. "Who the hell is it?" Damien turned and looked at me face a mixture of emotions.

"I don't know how she is." He raised an eyebrow on the word ‘she'. "But I think that she's a witch, from what I can work out."

"Oh she's a witch alright, I could have told you that earlier." I snapped. "But do you know what type of witch she is?"

Damien stopped still holding the witch how was stirring slightly. "Crystal what's this about...your looking tense."

"You can't sense it!" I gasped. "Of course, of course. You wouldn't."

"I...Crystal will you tell me." Damien voice was soft his eyes begging me to tell him.

I shook my head taking a deep breath. "Look get her to the medical centre and I'll see you later." I walked away from them heading towards my room.

I couldn't believe that there was another witch here. There was something within her that I really didn't like. Darkness had touched her. Girls moved outta my way as I made my way to my room. Slamming the door shut I heard something drop to the floor. It was my note that I left for Jordan the day that me and Damien left, only her handwriting was at the bottom of mine.

 Came to your room. You went here. How did you know I would come to see you, oh well, I guess you saw it. listen come see me when you get back, I`ve been having wired dreams about a kid who looks like you, but I don't get it, maybe you can shed some light on this.

The last 5 words stood out. ‘A kid who looks like you'.

"Oh hell." I sighed running my hands in my cherry red hair. "I can't believe today."

I tried to concentrate on Jordan. I could feel myself going seeing where Jordan was. Library.

So I walked along the corridor wondering how I was going to talk my way outa telling Jordan the truth. I pushed the library door open and headed over to Jordan sitting at the table head in a book.

"Heya Mrs Night." I smiled.

"Crystal." Jordan lifted her head flushed red cheeks at my remark. "Good to see you." She stood up and I gasped.

"And you...all of you wow look at you mum to be." I hugged Jordan thinking how things have changed between us.

"Specking of mums, you read my note then? Right." I pulled away seeing her face.

"Come with me." I took her hand and pulled her to the back of the library where no one could hear us.

"Why are you having these dreams, you don't get dreams like I do, why are you seeing me?"

"I don't know, maybe it some kind of message or meaning. Look I see Damien with white wings, you're different too and there this child that only seems to appear with Damien and I just don't understand." Jordan shrugged. "Also...sorry to bring this up but...I thought that you could have...well..."  Jordan broke off not wanting to say the words ‘you're a made vampire and can't have children.' I nodded.

"I know what you're saying Jordan and thanks for understanding. What about the girl?" I leant against the books waiting for her click.

"Well she...kind of looks like you and Damien but mostly you. I thought that maybe it was you at first...but then why would Damien be there too? It doesn't make sense unless it is your child."

"O'hell..." I said under my breath closing my eyes.


"You can't say a word to anyone...not Middy and especially not Damien."

"Who's the girl, do you know her? Is it you but then it can't be because...

I opened my eyes taking a breath. "Jordan, please understand that I don't know what's going to happen. But something is going to happen to this school, something is going to be taken away and the darkness needs to be stopped."

"I'm sorry." She said after a while of silence between us.

I nodded not really knowing why. "Jordan you're got nothing to be sorry for, I've gotta go. Please don't say anything. Promise me."

"Okay, but you can't keep it from everyone and I'm here."

"Thank you." I smiled and walked out of the library suddenly hearing loud noises at the other end of the corridor. "What now?" I ran down the corridor hearing a girl's voice and then Damien's.

"Well she seems better." I muttered seeing the girl that was in Damien arms, standing hands on hips and throwing a right fit other something. I could see Damien wings twitching, see his muscles tense up under his shirt and could only imagine the evil glare in his eyes.

"Back off." I snarled to the girl, we locked eyes.

"Come here and say blood." Damien forgotten she stepped in the middle of the corridor her eyes turning an evil green looking colour.

"Don't mind if I do." I snarled at I lung at her.





The End

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