I opened my eyes slowly, I groaned as the pain soared through my body, I looked around I seemed to be that I was upset down in a jeep is was crushed, I could smell the stench of burning metal.

Then I hit me we were on a way from backing from shopping and we crashed, I remeber seeing the panic look in Crystals eyes when lost control, I mentally kicked my-self I should of froze time.

I looked ove to the drivers seat, she was still passed out, I smashed the window with my fist. I flinched slightly as the glass bit down into the flesh of my hand. I pulled my-self out my window and jumped over the jeep. I pulled off the door I knelt down.

"Crystal please Crystal its ok Im here Im going to get you out" I used my teeth rip the seat belt and gently took out of the car. I grabbed her bags I knew she made protection. I picked her gently in my arms.

The car exploded behind us befor the shock could hit us I created a time pocket around us so nothing could hurt us. I heard a cackle outside the pocket. I set Crystal down gently and stepped outside it.

I saw a figure in the tree standing in a slutery manner, I stiffend up and growled. "Aww  doesnt the Angel want to play, Im sure you would be a lot of fun! Its not fair if Crystal get you to her self" She dispeaerd fromt he tree.

I kept spinning around locking for her, I locked the time pocket so she couldnt get inside. I felt two arms entwine themselves around my neck, Ice cold breathe tickling my ear  "Just think of all the the fun we could" she cnaheted some words in my ear and I couldnt move.

"Turn around damien" I turned out and linked eyes with her cold stare "say that you belong to me"

"I...I... Belong... to You" I stuttered, I say but I felt detached from my body

"Damien" I heard a warm voice in head "Damien please resist her, remeber my daughter Crystal. Feel love that you share her smile"

"Kiss me Damien" I started to resit sweat broke out on my forhead as I slowky leant down.

I felt those stone lips against mine, my stomach started to churn "Now say you love me"Corniva sneered.

"Listen to me and only me Damien Be strong find your true selfs" the voice said again.

"Who..who are you" I said to the unkown voice

"My name is Kathirne now say out loud 'I summon Kathrine ... to dwell in my presence. Only you can save Crystal and your child"

I thought about Crstal her smile her warmth when I held her in my arms, the feeling of drinking my blood. Of her sitting on a window sill holding our child.

"I..Love Crystal you wrench" I hissed through my lips " I call up Air, Earth, fire water and Spirit. I ask to Summon Katherine Storms to Dwell in my presence"

"NOOOOO" Corniva screeched and pushed me to the ground, I could managed to talk but I couldt without her permission. I wasnt strong to break the spell.

The air around me began to swirl, the snow was sucked in and took a form of a women, it then set on fire as a wind stop swiling a women stopped out.

She looked at lot like crystal apart from her skin was glowing, long Blonde her that slightly curled at the bottom her eyes were a deep brown. she wore a flowing white gorwn. She smiled sweetly at me.

"Damien thankyou for summoning me, I knew you could it. Crystal has good taste just like her mother" She laughed slightly "Ah yes Im her mother Kathine" She waved her hand and the spell was lifted of me.

I stood up and bowed my head "It is my pleasure to finally meet you, I can see that Crystal gets her Beauty from you"

Katherine pushed her hair over shoulder "Now less flattery let me deal with little Corniva here, I see shes still to big for her boots"

I looked over my shoulder to see Corniva glaring straight at Katherine I heared some muttering of words and Corniva was lifted in the air by wind.

"How dare you harm my daughter you wrench" I heard the cold words hiss from behind me it sent shivers down my spine "Drawing a pentagram on her back How dare you! Fire flared all up on Cornivas back making a strange simble on her back. Corniva screamed in pain.

"This is your warning, leave my Family and our friends alone" With that Corniva vannised.

I stared in shock at Katherine how can some so sweet be so brutal?

"Im sorry Damien Corniva and have been in a fued runs throught the family are I havnt got long left before I have to go Protect my child in a way I have not been able to"

The wind swirled around my self I covered my eyes when it died down. I was out side the academy with Crystal in my arms.

"I promise Katherine I will do anything to protect her"


I took her staight to the madical centre, I healed her quickly before the nurse could ask questions about that happened.

I look at crystal she still hadnt woken, then I realised the necklace was glowing how strange. I opened her and cut my wrist on her teeth I grimaced at first and it slowly faded. I was really worried what if shedoesnt wake up?

Her eye lids begin to flutter open she groaned and sat up slowly

"Where are we?" she crooked out.

"The academy medical centre, you took quite a beating in the jeep." I said soflty

"Oh. Well listed we're erm well home. she said in far away voice

"Yer. Home." something was hurting her I could it in her eyes . "I'm sorry Crystal."

 "Hey, did the snow reach the Academy?" She asked lookinh mischievious

"Sure, why what's with the mischievous look in your eye?" I asked smirking

"I want to make a snow angel." I laughed soflty and leaed forward. Am I not enough for you ?

" she did the same oh es you are but am I too much for you" she challenged me

"Oh I think I candle" I leant in to kiss her but pulled away at last secand and ran away.

I heard hiss and began to run after me " You will Pay!" I chuckled and ran out side.

the  academy looked amazing and least scary covered in snow, more like a winter wonderland from a childs mind.

She ran out and lay in the snow I spread my wins and and just lay there and she move her arms up and down.

"yours not doing it right"  she whined

I leaned over her "I know because I can think of better things to do witht he snow"

"Oh rea-" She stopped and stifferend "Were being watched by a witch I shot up as a say young witch  walking up to the main entrance.

She began to sway and fell to the ground. We over to her

" Hello, are you ok" She didnt respond, she wasnt hurt  I picked her up and saw Crsyals glaring at the girl, I kissed Crystalsn cheek.

"Come on lets take her to the medical centre she catch a cold out here, she nodded her head slowly and still looking warily at the myserious girl in my arms.

The End

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