"jordan, get up love" wispered Benjermen in my ear, I looked up at him,

"I dont wanna go to school" I moned and rolled onto my side away from him, he laughed and it made me smile, that bright light laugh.

"alright" I said and got to my feet Ben watched me as I crossed the room.

an hour later, I was washed and changed and ready to go, I rubbed my growing stumic, I was starting to show.

I looked out the winder and gasped, snow on the growened it was bautiful.

"not a beautiful as you" wispered ben wraping his arms around my wast and kissing my kneck.

we walked down the stares and I almost feel a total of twelve times befor I reached the bottem, stuped stares.

Ben laughed and I looked back at him, for some reason, having him read my thoughs was some how confurting. some how it was like an unreal conection that seamed to almost hurt when I couldent feel it.

"good bye mum, bye dad" said Ben hugging his parents.

"good bye son" said his father shakeing his hand, then his mother wraped him in a hug. 

then she looked at me, "may the goddess bless your day Jordan, it was nice to met you, and I`m so happy to have you join our family" said his mother hugging me, his father wraped one arm around me and wished me well. 

"good bye ms and Mr Night"

"please darling call us Mum and Dad you are part of the family"

"I have to respectfuly decline" I said lowering my eyes.

"Jo" wispered Ben and tock me around the wast.

"good bye" I said and then taring away from ben I walked out the doors taking my lugage with me.

a few moments latter ben came out the doors, and we walked down the path away from the beautiful inn.

ben said nothing and I looked back at the last posable moment before opening the portel with Benjermens help, I was amased that he could use magic as I could use magic.

we stepped though into the room that we now shared, as man and wife and I lay down on the bed.

there was a nagging feeling in my cheast and I new I needed to talk to Crystal, there was something about the dreams I had been having, dreams where she always died, and there was all ways that little girl, someone who looked almost identical to Crystal, it was odd when ever the little girl was there, eather Crystal was with her or Damian was with her. but never both of them, and who ever it was of them in the fram with the girl always looked so sad.

I was scared for Crystal what did this all mean, it was odd feeling this way about the girl who was just like me. a firey red head, our personalitys clashed and that made us something of sister. or to me it did.

I shighed and got up.

"I have to go see Crystal"

"alright" said ben looking up from the chare by the window, I looked at him and smiled, he looked like his father had, his father always sat with one leg crossed over the other with his news paper up and square speckticals on.

I chucked to myself as I left the room and I heared him think "smart ass"

"I had no idea my ass was smart" I pured back. befor moving away from the door.

after leaving the room I traveled down the halls and up the stares untel I got to the girls dorms and esaly found crystals room. I nocked, there was no answer, I nocked again, still no answer. I tryed the nob it was oppen. I knew it was rude to enter someones room with out there premition but I fugured Crystal wouldent mind. 

I looked around then went to leave, a paper naled to the door caught my atantion and I looked at it.

Dear Jordan

I know you cam back today, I went to go see my father, hope you and ben are happy. oh BTW Middy is going to be so mad that you didint tell her you two were getting marryed that you didint let any of us come to your wedding or that you didint tell her you were pregnint. 


how had she knowen I would come to her room, I shighed and wrote back to her.

Came to your room. you went hear. how did you know I would come to see you, oh well, I guess you saw it. listen come see me when you get back, I`ve been having wired dreams about a kid who looks like you, but I dont get it, maybe you can shead some light on this.

I looked at it then left it and walked away closing the door gently, then went back to the room that I now lived in with ben.

on the way I found a news letter and saw a house on it I picked it up, and got lost looking at the bautiful house. but I knew I couldent even ask ben about geting a house of our own even if I wanted to because, as much as I hated it, I knew I was needed hear and so was ben.

The End

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