I brushed my bangs out of my eyes with my fingers and stared blankly out at the huge building through the snow on my windshield. The academy. I sighed. Well, at least my thoughts led me here and not a mental institution. I got out of the black corvette and grabbed my purse. Two people were laughing and making snow angels over by a large door. A girl and a boy. I looked closer. The girl was...a vampire? Not pure though...huh. Like the red hair. Then I stiffened. The boy was..a fallen angel. I hissed under my breath. Ugh. More memories. 


They were curled up on his couch. John's wings were possesively wrapped around her. Genevieve squirmed. "John..." He blinked. "What?" She paused and then answered. "You've changed. Ever since that vampire bit you, you've been darker, more evil. It was bad enough when you were just Fallen. Now you're just scary." His eyes darkened. "I don't know what you're talking about, Genevieve." She tried to wriggle out of his too-tight embrace. "John, we can't be together. I'm beginning to wonder if this was a big mistake." He grabbed her wrist. "No." She twisted her arm trying to escape. "John! Stop it! Let go, you're hurting me!" She exclaimed. His eyes glinted maliciously. You don't really want to go though." He said. She stared at him indignantly. "I am leaving now." All trace of a grin on his face was gone now. "No. I don't think you are." With the quick reflexes of a vampire and agility of a fallen angel, he pinned her down on the couch. He forced a pill down her throat. She choked, unable to shout a spell in defense...then everything went black, and she felt numb. When she regained consiousness, her best friend Megan, a faerie, was standing over her. "Shit! What did he do to you? I SWEAR TO GOD JOHNATHAN MARQUIS, IF I EVER SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN, I WILL KILL YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS!" Then she blacked out.

Ugh. I hadn't thought of that in god knows how long. I slid my sleeves down to cover the cuts on my wrists and the bruises on my arms. I looked down. We never did find out what he did. I headed for the doors. Just then I tripped. Hitting my head against the concrete, I started to lose consciousness. The last thing I saw was the red head and the fallen angel running towards me. My fading thought was: Great G, what an excellent way to start your first day here.

The End

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