I awoke from my sleep with a start. I felt like my intire body had been pinned to the ground. I looked up catiously, wondering who i was and where i was. I started panicking. The fire inside me made me quiver with anticipation. I saw Zero looking at me with wide eyes.
"You almost died." He mutterd. I scratched my head, it was covered in feathers.

"Your in a half forme." He pointed out. I nodded and returned to my pheonix forme.

"Last i remembered, the school was closed for half term." I snarled, spreading my wings.

"The world has changed a little." He winced, and looked towards the school. I grunted in response.

"Where are the others? What time is it?" I asked.

He ruffled his silver feathers. "First, im not honestly sure. Second,"

"Your pathetic!" I sneered. I looked around.

"How come your here? Did you apply for the school?"

He snarled at me. "No, i belong somewhere far more classy! I just came to see if you were ok. Grandelin sure likes making you rest dosen't he!"

I ignored him and looked straight above me. Some trees were bare, yet some were golden. Sighing, we both returned to human formes.

With a sigh, i turned for the door.

The End

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