Crystal part4- Father and DaughterMature


"I haven't been your daughter in year's father. So tell me this, why now?" I replied feeling the blade on my throat. "It's a bit late for family bonding."

"I didn't want this for you Crystal." His voice was quite.

"More like I didn't want you Crystal."


I gasped. "What?"

"You could of stayed half human, never having to feed on human blood and live in the darkness." He moved the blade away from my throat but kept it in his hand standing up, I couldn't move, I retracted my fangs all I could do was stare at my father.

"You. I. How. What?" I was speechless nothing made sense anymore, it was then I knew that my life would change again, how I see things and who people really were. He through me a questioning look and move to sit on the bed, tiredness flashed in his eyes for a moment.

"Take a sit Crystal." He sighed patting the bedside next to him.

"I'll rather stand." Slowly I got up getting ready for the truth to be unleashed about my past.

"What do you know about that night Crystal, truly what do you know?" I'd been asked this question soo many times now, but I still didn't know the answers. Who was this allusive vampire that had attacked and poisoned my mum, who was the blonde witch's mother, she must behind all of this. And why my mum?

"Trixie she found mum saw everything, well not everything but she couldn't move from the forest. I'm guess that there was some sort of a barrier, making it impossible for her to cross and if she did then she blacked out." It made sense and somehow I just knew that it had to be right. "And I had a vision a flash back to that night, you parked in a dark place and left for beer. A dark figure appeared at the door and they lure mum out of the car. They bit her and in some twisted way the poisoned spread to me, she went into labour and Trixie helped her and I was born as a comet went over the midnight sky."

He listened to me and I kept fiddling with Damien angel winged bracelet on my right wrist. "Trixie looked after me and I fed of her blood actually I fed off mum's blood."

"Animal blood could have sustained you; human blood brings you vampire side out more especially if they are of a different kind." He smirked. "I knew that you would get past the rules around here and at the Academy, picking looks too."

"O'yer how." I asked walking around the small room, taking in the small window blocked out.

"I'm a hunter too Crystal, it's in my blood weather I like it or not and it's in your too." A vampire hunter. "I was born into it given a new name, that night I could sense that a vampire was near but I wasn't thinking and I was reckless back in the day. I thought that I could take the vampire and still be back for Catherine. Only I was walking into a trap and there was nothing I could do."

"You're lying, you left mum undefended pregnant, and did she know what you was?" Surly she couldn't have known, vampires, vampire hunters but the look on his face told a different story.

"I save your mother when we were kids, a gang of vampires went after her and I killed them all. We were together ever since, I helped her to fight and over time we became close. We fell in love Crystal truly in love, always knowing what the other was thinking and together we were deadly to anything that crossed our path." His words cut right through me I couldn't believe them.



"So what happened that night after you left?"

"Let just say that vampire kept me busy and I blacked out. Trixie tired to spin some story off to me, but somehow I just couldn't believe it and I knew that she was playing with my mind."

"She kept me for a while, I fed of her but she gave me back to you and I had a nanny who wasn't human." I had to sit down so I move to sit never him on the bed keeping the distance.

"I knew. I knew what she was doing, letting you fed from her but you was soo young." He voice was softer then I had ever heard it. "I hate myself for how I treated you all these years, but it was for the best- not everything. Somehow I knew that you would drink human blood eventually and it would trigger your vampire gene off."

"Let me guess, you knew that Lucas would take care of me when he found me?"

"I heard of Lucas and he could teach you more, control you and look after you more then I could have. Even if it meant you becoming your true form, not just a half."

"I never actually knew how you make a vampire?"

Carefully he reached for my wrists; genteelly he pushed my leather jacket up reviling my scared wrists. "There are certain parts where the vampire must bite; it's different on every person these crescents bite marks over cross." His thumb went over the scars then he studied my body. "Do you mind?" Nodding my jacket.

I took it off showing my black thin jumper; I took it off and moved my cherry red hair over my shoulder happy that I was wearing a skimpy black vest top. His fingers ran all along my shoulders but stopped suddenly and I heard him gasp.


"I fed off a fallen angel and I got punished by a witch." Keeping it short and not wanting to go into detail about the pentagram scar from Crovina.

"Your marked bonded by her do you know what this means?" His voice was serious now I turned to face him seeing the worry in his eyes. "Do you know how to break the bond?"

"You can break the bond, so that when ever she's never it won't burn, she can't harm me." Both of us were so close now desperate for answers, a bang from outside made me jump.

"We've got to be quick I know your power, I have answers that you need information about the witch that you seek to destroy, you will need it when the time comes. These only one way for you to do it before they come."

"Tell me how to destroy her, like she destroyed my friends lives, how she killed them and how she controlling Lucas and Sebastian." I gripped his wrists feeling his blood in his veins.

"I don't know who attacked your mother, or the witches involved. But if you feed off me our minds will connect." As spoke he titled his neck to the side offering me his neck. "This will weaken me Crystal, Scarlet guarding the door and Oliver got the car ready." He smiled as said. "You remember Oliver don't you?"

"Oliver? Er...Wait Oliver he was at the he's not one of you and that Shape stiffer?"

"We haven't got time! You haven't got time. You have to be ready Crystal; I had a dream about some purple floopy eared rabbit with yellow eyes warned me. You've got to be ready Crystal. The darkness is coming, are you going to let it consume you?"

I thought of my father words of everything and I found my answer at last. "I'm not staying in the dark anymore."

"I've always loved you Crystal and kept you close to my heart." He pulled out something from his top left pocket and held it as I bent down to the vein's in his neck and bit into his skin feeling the hot blood run down my throat.

"I love you to dad."




The End

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