Well he certainly knows how to choose them, correct?

I smiled to myself as Midnight turned round to talk to Zuri. Zuri looked up at me, holding my gaze before turning back to Midnight.

"He certainly does," I whispered to myself before turning and walking towards the school gates. I felt someone's eyes on me and turned round to see Edward looking down at me. Holding his gaze, Zuri came up behind me,

"I'll be right back..." I said absently, suddenly standing next to Edward. He jumped and nearly fell over, catching himself on the corner of his desk. I looked out of the window and saw Zuri yelling at the spot I had been moments before.

"Such a nostalgic place," I said bitterly, "Looking at the small details rather then the whole painting." Edward moved round the desk so that the desk was between us. His eyes wavered with uncertainty.

I spun round and looked at him puzzled,

"Do you love her?" He looked at me surprised and then confused,

"Who?" I huffed with irritation,

"Midnight, do you love your daughter?"

"Wh- well... yes... I mean she is my daughter." I looked at where Midnight was standing next to Zuri, looking around.

"Hmm... Love? What is love?" I didn't wait to hear his reply, instead I teleported next to Midnight, who jumped in surprise.

"What is love?" I repeated again, frowning at Midnight. She gave me a confused look. I felt a flicker of irritation,

"Come on," With that I headed through the school gates, Zuri and Midnight trailing behind me. Zuri placed a hand on my shoulder,

"Hey, Lapin, we need to get our bags." I shot her a look and waved a hand, suddenly two bags dropped neatly in front of my feet.

"There, shall we go?"

Zuri moaned and gave me a look. I rolled my eyes,

"Don't worry, I haven't snooped around your room Little Nature."

We walked for about a hour before I stopped suddenly and turned to look at Midnight and Zuri,

"Carry on, I'll catch up with you in a minuet." Zuri and Midnight looked at each other, but I turned off into the woods before they could ask any questions.

Shadows danced across the ground as I moved through the woods, suddenly the woods seemed to become hazy as I passed through a shield. A burnt down house now sat in a clearing before me, I made my way towards the house and walked through what would have been the door. Nothing moved as I stood in the center of the ruins, breathing in the scent. Closing my eyes and felt myself morph into my Phoenix form and spread my wings carefully.

I heard Midnight gasp from behind some rubble,

"Your not very good at hiding..." I said without moving my lips, Zuri stepped forward calmly,

"Hello Al'leako," I nodded,

"Little Nature," With that I opened my eyes, this time I talked out loud,

"Sometimes you should listen to people instead of following them." A edge of bitterness entered my voice, Zuri glanced away and looked around at the wreckage. She opened her mouth to say something but Midnight spoke before she could say anything.

"What is this place?" I spun round a glared at her, anger boiled inside me and I saw both of them take a step back.

"This?!" I shouted, "This is where I used to live as I child! Where we used to live!" I spun back round and suddenly a wave of sadness wash over me,

"And now look at it. This used to be our home... We used to be so happy but then we were found by people wishing to use our power. We were found and some of us were killed, after that they burnt this place down."

I was away of someone appearing beside me,

"And then we left and vowed to never become attached to this place again, correct."

Al'Tijd stood next to me and looked around sadly,

"So now you know, we weren't born like this, we had a life before this but that's just a distant past now." I turned away a moved away from the house, shifting back into my humanoid form and walking back through the forest and onto the road. Midnight and Zuri followed slowly after me, neither saying anything.

"Come, Little One is waiting." With that we headed off.

The End

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